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Sichuan VACORDA Instruments Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional production-manufacturing enterprise specialized in designing, producing and marketing of instruments and apparatuses. Our company has been established for 20 years since 1997 to grow up to be a team of high-quality, united, hard-working and truth-seeking characters. Solid foundation has been established.

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Our company has got the ISO9001: 2000 international quality system certification in 2005, Import and export trading right in 2012, total 12 patents till 2016, the title of  “national high-tech enterprise”  and CE certificate for three categories product in 2014. Our company has owned trade marks as “vacorda”. At the same time, our company is preparing for more certificates for foreign market, such as IECEX, API, UL and so on, to lay a foundation for further international market.

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Our main products are:

    1. Magnetic level gauge, magnetic level switches, magnetic level controllers, bicolor quartz tube level gauge, boiler water level gauge and  glass plate liquid level gauge, capacitance level gauge, liquid (material) level switch series;
    3. Wedge-shaped flow meter, metal rota-meter, V Cone flow meter, throttling device, electromagnetic flow meter;

    4. Pressure transmitter, differential pressure transmitter series;

    5.Temperature transmitter, bimetallic thermometer, thermocouple, rtd.

Our products are widely successfully used in steel, metallurgy, petroleum, chemicals, machinery, food, light industry and other industries in the production process and control, some products have been repeatedly supporting exports.

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Our quality policy is "the implementation of the system, strict management, improvement to improve customer satisfaction," so that customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit. We will always take customer concerns, sincere and trustworthy, and constantly strive to improve to improve, to better product quality, better service to return all the friends for their support and love.

Guanghua Rd, Qingyang Dist, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China