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Terms of After-Sales Service:

No.1 If the customer install, adjust and test the product according to Manual, the warranty is 12 months from delivery date.

No.2 If the product comes out quality problems because of manufacturer's processing, the customer could return the product, and manufacturer is responsible for repair for free, exchange goods or return goods, but except damage caused by lightning stroke

No.3 Without permission of manufacturer, the customer or with third party dismantle the product , change the product,weld unit on circuit board,or use the product not according to manual.the manufacturer will not undertake any responsibility.

No.4 The customer is supposed to read product manual and warning.If the damage is caused by incorrect installation or misapplication,all the responsibility should be undertaken by the customer.

Guanghua Rd, Qingyang Dist, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China