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2016 Rio Olympic Games VS Vacorda

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2016-08-26 15:37:28

2016 Rio Olympic Games have ended, Chinese team perfectly shows the Olympic spirit "Faster, Higher, Stronger", and got a remarkable achievement.

Appearances of Chinese Delegation

(Appearances of Chinese Delegation)

chinese girls of vollyball

(Chinese Girls for Volleyball Competitions)

Watching the Olympic athletes get honor for our country desperately, looking at the flag rising over and over again at the Rio, listening a burst of Chinese national anthem came from Rio. As a Chinese, irrepressible excitement, just hate myself didn’t came in that scene.

I suddenly felt that, for athletes, the gold medal may be not so important, what’s important for them is just have the opportunity to stand in the stadium. That’s the best reward for their years of hard efforts and insists.


Like Vacorda now, as a professional measurement instruments manufacturer, such as level, flow, temperature and pressure measurement instruments. If there are no 20 years of accumulation and persistence, we cannot gain today's scale,  If we do not have the determination to do better and really make the effort, we cannot exist till now.

 factory of vacorda

(One Workshop of Vacorda

Compared with the Olympics, we also have our own spirits "Higher, Faster, Stronger":

  • Higher – high efficiency production, high quality products, high performance solutions
  • Faster - Accelerate the pace of development;
  • Stronger – more powerful technology.


Let us look forward to the next season’s exciting Olympic competitions, and also the Higher, Faster, Stronger VACORDA. Thank you!

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