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A letter for all the customers from Vacorda

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2016-10-17 15:43:29

First of all, thank you for your concerning and support of our company and the products. With the rapid development of society, a variety of product quality supervision and strict control, product quality is every business can not be ignored, perhaps you in the short reading can bring you more efficient help!

We are a R & D and produce and customize types of magnetic flap level gauge, flow meters, temperature instrumentspressure instruments manufacturer. Our equipments are all in line with ISO, EX and other international standards and domestic industry standards. After decades of development, product coverage.

magnetic level gauge-new factory

(Our new factory

We also have the first-class high-tech research and development personnel, the professional technicians account for 36.5% of the total number of employees. According to the different needs of customers, different budget funds, we can special customize various types of instruments apply for different conditions, temperature, specifications, and the environment.  


We know that the development and growth of Sichuan Vacorda Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd. can not be separated from your concern, trust and support. We are honored to be a partner with you and achieve mutual benefits and common development. In the future we will continue to forge ahead, provide more high-quality products, good reputation and good service for you. We are fully convinced that as long as you have the support and cooperation, as long as we continue to work, we will both have a good prospect.

We also look forward to your support and trust, customer satisfaction is always our constant pursuit. And we warmly welcome your visiting of our company. Finally, thanks again for your trust and cooperation.

                                                           Yours faithfully


Sichuan Vacorda Insturments Mnufactureing Co., Ltd

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