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Advantages and disadvantages of orifice flowmeter in large diameter pipeline measurement

Author:    Source:    Date: 2021-06-03 14:19:25
1. The advantages of orifice flowmeter:

1. The standard throttle is fully used and has been recognized by the International Standards Organization. It can be put into use without actual flow calibration, and it is also unique among flow sensors;

2. The structure is easy to copy, simple and firm, stable and reliable in performance, and low in price;

3. A wide range of applications, including all single-phase fluids (liquid, gas and steam) and local mixed-phase flows. It can measure the pipe diameter and working status (temperature and pressure) of the common consumption process;

4. The test piece and the differential pressure display instrument can be separately consumed by different manufacturers, and then consumed in a special range.

2. Disadvantages of orifice flowmeter measurement:

1. The measurement repeatability and accuracy of the flow sensor are moderate. Due to the influence of many factors, the accuracy is difficult to improve.

2. The scope is relatively narrow. Since the flow coefficient is related to the Reynolds number, the general range is only 31 ~ 41;

3. It is difficult to meet the requirements of long straight pipe length. Especially for large pipe diameters, the problem becomes more and more prominent;

4. Large pressure loss;

5. The accuracy of the orifice plate is guaranteed by the acute angle line of the inner hole, so the sensor is more sensitive to corrosion, abrasion, scaling and dirt, the accuracy of long-term operation is difficult to guarantee, and it needs to be disassembled for mandatory inspection every year;

6. The use of flange connection is easy to cause problems of running, emitting, dripping and leakage, which greatly increases the maintenance workload.

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