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Advantages and disadvantages of orifice flowmeter measuring

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2016-11-23 15:32:25

Orifice flow meter is a high range differential pressure flow device combined a standard orifice plate with a multi-parameter differential pressure transmitter, temperature transmitter, etc. It can measure the flow of gas, steam and liquid, and it widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electricity, heating, water supply and other areas of process control and measurement.


1. The standard throttle pieces have been recognized by international regulatory organizations, without real flow calibration, you can put into use immediately.

2. Simple structure, strong, stable and reliable performance, lower price;

3. Wide application range, including all single-phase fluid (liquid, gas, steam), local mixed phase flow, can be use even the general process diameter, working conditions (temperature, pressure);

4. The detection pieces and differential pressure display instrument can be bought separated from different manufacturer, so that it can realize the professional consumption management.


orifice plate flowmeter

(Orifice plate flowmeter with differential pressure transmitter)


1. The repeatability and accuracy in the flow sensor is not very clear due to the impact of many factors;

2. The range is narrow, because the flow coefficient in associated to the Reynolds number, the general range are only 3: 1 ~ 4: 1;

3. It has a requirements of longer straight pipe, especially for larger diameter types

4. Large pressure loss;

5. The sensor is sensitive to the corrosion, wear, scaling, dirt, the precision is difficult to guarantee with long-term use, it needs to remove for a strong inspection once a year;

6. Adopt the flange connection, it will easily occur some problems, greatly increasing the maintenance workload.


Everything has two sides. For choosing the suitable flowmeter, it must according to the real working conditions.so don’t ignore any types of the flowmeter, suitable one is the best one. For further information for types of flowmeters, please continuous concerning our official website:www.vacorda.com.

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