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Advantages of ultrasonic level gauge

Author:    Source:    Date: 2021-06-04 16:12:51
Ultrasonic level gauge is a non-contact, high reliability, low price, low maintenance level measuring instrument. Leakage, contact with media, and high maintenance costs. Completely solve the problems caused by pressure transmitters, capacitor floating charging and other measurement methods. At present, more and more fields require non-contact measurement of liquid level and liquid level. Since the ultrasonic level gauge can meet the liquid level measurement requirements of most closed or open containers, it does not come into contact with industrial media and exhibits extraordinary capabilities under harsh conditions. Therefore, in many complex installation environments, ultrasonic level gauges have become an important measuring instrument. Next, Huikeda Instruments will bring you the advantages of ultrasonic level gauges.
The advantages of ultrasonic level gauges are as follows.

(1) Under the same measuring range, the D value of the level gauge requires less, and the blind zone of the measuring angle is shorter.

(2) Suitable for a wide range of ambient temperature from -40 to 95, and has an automatic temperature compensation mechanism

(3) Reliable performance and maintenance-free. Intelligent software can effectively identify true and false echoes, which can meet many applications where contact cannot be measured;

(4) It is not affected by stirring, and its unique echo processing function ensures that it can work reliably and provide stable readings in places where the liquid level fluctuates severely or where there are many bubbles such as the use of agitators; (5) Simple installation and operation Convenience.

Ultrasonic level gauge: the principle

The ultrasonic sensor of the ultrasonic level gauge transmits and receives ultrasonic waves under the control of the microprocessor. The distance S between the ultrasonic sensor and the measured object is calculated by the propagation time T of the ultrasonic waves in the air. Since the propagation speed v of sound waves in the air is constant, s can be calculated according to the following formula: s=Vt/2, and since the distance h between the ultrasonic sensor and the bottom of the container is constant, the measured liquid (object ) The level is h=ss.

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