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Analysis on Causes of Three Failures of Vortex Flowmeter in Textile Printing and Dyeing Industry

Author:    Source:    Date: 2021-05-12 16:11:33
In the textile printing and dyeing industry, the most common steam flow meter is the vortex flowmeter. The biggest disadvantage of the textile printing and dyeing industry is that it cannot be stopped. Once a failure or shutdown occurs, it will affect the entire production line. One time treatment. The following editor analyzes the causes of three errors that are prone to errors in the textile printing and dyeing industry.

Sometimes the failure of the vortex flowmeter is not accidental. As long as management is strengthened and more attention is paid to nodes that are prone to failure, the following three are the main reasons for the most likely failure:

First, the choice of instrument is uncertain.

The main results are as follows: (1) Due to improper selection of the diameter of the instrument, the actual flow after installation and commissioning is far beyond the scope of the instrument, mainly manifested as large diameter, small flow, low flow, and the actual flow is lower than or lower than the lower limit of the instrument, and the instrument cannot In normal operation, the measurement error is large.

(2) When selecting the instrument, the working conditions and parameters are inaccurate, which is far from the actual working conditions, resulting in improper selection of the instrument, and the instrument cannot operate normally after it is installed and put into use. Especially in the selection of gas flow meters, the working pressure is large. The deviation has an important influence on the measurement.

2. Reasons for installation

The main results are as follows: (1) The length of the upstream and downstream straight pipes is not enough, the gaskets in the pipeline are protruding, the pipeline shrinks, and the sudden expansion and blockage position seriously interferes with the flow field.

(2) The improper installation of the liquid measuring tube containing trace gas or the gas measuring tube containing trace liquid causes uneven fluid in the measuring tube of the vortex flowmeter, which interferes with the measurement.

(3) When measuring liquid, the vortex flowmeter is installed in a pipeline that flows vertically or obliquely from top to bottom, or installed at the outlet of a pipeline object without back pressure, resulting in unqualified liquid.

(4) The installation location of the vortex flowmeter is close to the power supply system (fan or pump), the upstream straight pipe section is not enough, and there is no effective vibration reduction measure.

(5) When measuring high-temperature media, vortex flowmeters should be installed horizontally and actively. The inverter is located directly above the pipe, and the insulation of the pipe is not in place, causing direct baking of the inverter components and damage to the electronic devices.

3. Reasons for choosing the media

The main results are as follows: (1) The measured fluid is an inhomogeneous single-phase fluid, which may be a pulsating flow or a mixed-phase flow, resulting in unstable vortex separation and large fluctuations in the output signal.

(2) The fluid is mixed with large solids, long fibers or strips. High-speed moving block solid impact generator and detection elements will damage the generator and detection elements in severe cases. Long fibers, ribbon winding generators and detection elements will destroy the stable separation of the Kalman vortex street and interfere with the stability of the detection elements. . After a long time of work, the adhesion of the inner wall of the measuring tube and the surface of the measuring element and the dirt deposited in the fluid have changed the geometric parameters of the measuring tube and the generator. As the measurement error of the instrument increases, the sensitivity of the detection element decreases, and the signal amplitude decreases, which leads to the failure of the detection element.

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