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Application Of Rotameters

Author:vacorda    Source:www.vacorda.com    Date: 2020-07-06 09:47:43

Basic Glass rotor flowmeters are widely used in chemical, petroleum, light industry, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, food and measurement testing, scientific research and other departments to measure the flow of single-phase non-pulsating fluid (liquid or gas).

The glass rotor flowmeter has strong corrosion resistance and can detect the flow of acids (except hydrofluoric acid), alkali, oxidants and other corrosive gases or liquids. It is suitable for industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, papermaking, and sewage treatment.

rotameter flow meter


The development of flow measurement can be traced back to ancient water conservancy projects and urban water supply systems. In ancient Roman Caesar times, orifice plates were used to measure the drinking water volume of residents. The ancient Egypt used the weir method to measure the flow of the Nile River around 1000 BC. my country's famous Dujiangyan water conservancy project uses the water level of Aquarius to observe the amount of water and so on. In the 17th century, Torri laid the theoretical foundation for differential pressure flow meters, which was a milestone in flow measurement. Since then, prototypes of many types of meters for flow measurement in the 18th and 19th centuries have begun to form, such as weirs, tracers, pitot tubes, venturis, volumes, turbines, and target flow meters. In the 20th century, the rapid growth of the demand for flow measurement in the process industry, energy measurement, and urban utilities only promoted the rapid development of instruments. The rapid development of microelectronics technology and computer technology greatly promoted the replacement of instruments. . So far, it is said that hundreds of flowmeters have been put on the market, and many difficult problems in field use are expected to be solved.

The development of modern flow measurement technology in my country is relatively late, and the flow meters required in the early days are imported from abroad.

Flow measurement is a science to study the change of mass, and the law of mutual change of mass is the basic law of the development of the connection of things. Therefore, the measurement object is not limited to the pipeline liquid in the traditional sense. Flow measurement is a problem wherever the amount of change is required. Flow rate, pressure and temperature are listed as three major detection parameters. For a certain fluid, as long as you know these three parameters, you can calculate the energy it has. You must detect these three parameters in the measurement of energy conversion. Energy conversion is the basis of all production processes and scientific experiments, so flow and pressure and temperature instruments are the most widely used.

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