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Application tips of magnetic level gauge in the food-grade industry

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2017-05-08 16:21:06
Liquid level measurement for the food industry is an important measurement content, in the processing process, it will use a variety of liquid raw materials, such as all kinds of alcohol, fruit juice, food additives, and eventually, they will be processed into a large number of finished liquid food, When these raw materials and processed articles are loaded into the container, it need to do the exact volume calculation as the production control and sales settlement data, so there is a need for a level gauge measurement. Sichuan Vacorda is a professional liquid level instrumentation equipment manufacturer, there are a large number of food processing industry enterprises as our users. And we have accumulated a lot of experience in this type of industry. Today we are going to recommend a food-grade magnetic flap level gauge for liquid level measurement.

Frost Proof Magnetic Level Gauge

In fact, the magnetic flap level gauge is already a very common industrial liquid level measurement, and widely used in oil, chemicals, pharmaceutical and other industries, this is an instrumentation equipment that can multi-field use and development. Magnetic flap level gauge consists of the body, panel, float, flange cover and other components, it can be used for high temperature, explosion-proof, anti-corrosion, food and beverage and other occasions, for the local liquid level display or remote display and control.

types of the magnetic level gauges

When measuring the liquid level, the UHC series magnetic flap level gauge can be safe and reliable applied to the high sealing, anti-leakage and high temperature, high pressure, high viscosity, strong corrosive conditions. The whole process of measurement shows eye-catching, intuitive reading, and a large range of measurement, coupled with the level alarm and control switch, it can achieve the level or boundary of the upper and lower limits of the alarm and control, and coupled with the liquid level transmitter, the liquid level signal can be converted into a two-wire 4 ~ 20mADC standard signal to achieve long-range detection, indication, record and control.

 fatory magnetic liquid level gauge application

For installation, they are divided into side mounted, top mounted, top mounted low type, compassionate high set type, side mounted low type and rope type etc. and for material, the common used are SS304, SS316 L, PVC, PP, SS304 + PTFE ETC. and for winery, the stainless steel is ok. The biggest feature for hygienic level gauge is the connection type, it usually use the trip clamp connection, and it is easy to disassemble cleaning and disinfection at any time. Though the general types of level gauge use the flange connection type.

Finally, we must pay attention to the flowing points: the material, the proportion of the float, make the correct selection according to the temperature and pressure, and determine a reasonable range.

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