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Automatic instruments application in water treatment system

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2016-10-18 16:11:16

With the continuous progress of science and technology and industrial automation process continues to advance, more and more industries come into the field of automation, include the water treatment industry. At present, the automatic control system

like magnetic level gauge, flow meters are used by most domestic water treatment industry is the multi-level distributed computer measurement and control management system composed of IPC + PLC + automation instrument.

In the modern water treatment process, whether it is sewage treatment or pure water treatment, each production process is always associated with the corresponding instrumentation and automatic control technology. The instrument can continuously detect the process parameters, according to the data of these parameters for manual or automatic control, thus coordinating the relationship among the supply and demand, the various components of the system, and the water treatment process, in order to make full use of varieties of equipment and facilities. At the same time, because it can make continuous compare between the value of the measuring instrument and the set value, when the deviation occurs, adjust immediately, so as to ensure the quality of water treatment. According to the parameters of instrument detection, it can further automatically adjust and control, to ensure the rational operation of the equipment in the system, make management more scientific, to achieve the purpose of economic operation. Therefore, automated instrumentation has a very important role in advanced water treatment systems.

electromagnetic flowmeter

(Automatic instruments--electromagnetic flowmeter)

The instruments in water treatment systems are generally divided into two categories: 

  • Instrument for water quality analysis. Like detecting the turbidity, pH value, dissolved oxygen content, residual chlorine, SCD value, etc. These special instruments in the development of relatively late in our country, therefore, we recommend to use foreign advanced products, from a long-term point of view is more economical and reliable. 
  • Instruments for monitoring the physical parameters of production processes. For example, the magnetic level gauge, pressure transmitters, temperature transmitters and flow meters. These types of instruments are developed relatively more mature, it’s performance and quality can satisfied your requirements.

We VACORDA, are a professional manufacturer of design and produce types of level gaugesflow meters, temperature and pressure measuring instruments. And has repeatedly exported to Germany, the United States, Canada, France, the Netherlands, Arabia, etc. We have rich experience in this industry,we can provide professional and more perfect solution.

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