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Clean method and installation maintenance of the magnetic level indicator

Author:    Source:    Date: 2018-10-19 14:40:53

The magnetic flap level gauge is wildly used one most of the factories. In fact, the maintenance of the magnetic flap level gauge is second, as long as the installation is correct, it rarely needs maintenance, then we first look at how to install correctly. Now we will introduce you the method of maintenance and cleaning this type of level gauge.

 magnetic flap level indicator

First, let us look the right installation method:

1. The level gauge must be installed vertically to ensure that the float assembly can move up and down in the main tube.

2. It is best to install a shut-off valve between the container and the level gauge to clean and repair the liquid level to cut off the material.

3. The magnetizer is not allowed to be close to the main body of the liquid level gauge, otherwise it will directly affect the normal operation of the liquid level gauge.

4. After the installation of the level gauge, the magnetic steel is required to be calibrated. The guide column is displayed with a red color below zero and a white color above zero.

5. When the liquid level meter is put into operation, the lower liquid guiding tube valve should be opened first to allow the liquid medium to smoothly enter the main body tube, so as to avoid the liquid medium staying with the floating ball assembly rising rapidly, which causes the turning column to fail and turn over. (If this happens, the magnetic surface can be recalibrated after the liquid level is stable)

6. In order to avoid damage to the float component during transportation, the float assembly is taken out of the main body of the liquid level gauge before leaving the factory. After the liquid level gauge is installed, open the bottom drain flange, and then reload the float assembly into the main tube. Note that the heavy part of the float assembly is facing up and cannot be flipped.

Cleaning method of this level gauge

1. After the magnetic flap level gauge has been used for a long period of time, the magnetic flap level gauge should be cleaned once a year because the measuring tube body will adsorb the dirt in the medium.

2. The magnetic flap level gauge can use trichloroethylene or alcohol (termed ethanol) to inject the pressure hole to cause half of the height to be about five minutes, often moving repeatedly to a inspection and cleaning. Stop using any equipment to clean the vias to avoid sensitive pressure sensitive diaphragm damage.

3. When the magnetic flap level gauge is cleaned, first open the water level iron pipe, carefully level the upper limit screw and then equipment waste, debris, and clean the surrounding dirt.

4. The level of the magnetic flap level gauge after cleaning is gradually put back in the iron pipe, want to put the lower part of the cast iron pipe, the cap will be installed in the new device that will be removed, after cleaning the level, need to be more than the same water stage, When the time comes again, the water level is evaluated by a secondary instrument to ensure that the correct sampling data is stopped.

5. Magnetic flap level gauge cleans the level of the medium in the medium, avoiding hard pressure through large brushes or metal tools to prevent damage and interface threads.

Installation and post-maintenance considerations

1. The magnetic material is not allowed to be close to the body of the magnetic flap level gauge, and the wire is fixed. Otherwise, it will affect the normal operation of the magnetic flap level gauge;

2. If the user uses the heat tracing pipe by himself, non-magnetic materials such as copper pipes must be used. The heat tracing temperature is determined according to the medium condition;

3. The installation of the magnetic flap level gauge must be vertical. A ball valve should be installed between the magnetic flap level gauge and the container guide tube for easy inspection and cleaning;

4. The medium should not contain solid impurities or magnetic substances to avoid jamming the float;

5. Before use, first use the calibration magnet to set the ball below the zero position to red, and the other balls to white;

6. Open the bottom flange and insert the magnetic float (note: the heavy end has a magnetic end that is up and cannot be flipped.);

7. When commissioning, first open the upper pilot valve, then slowly open the lower valve to allow the medium to smoothly enter the main conduit (the medium should be prevented from hitting the float rapidly during operation, causing the float to fluctuate and affect the display accuracy). Observe the magnetic red and white ball. If the flipping is normal, then close the lower pilot valve, open the drain valve, and let the liquid level in the main conduit drop. According to this method, it is normal, and it can be put into operation (except for special liquids such as corrosive).

8. The main conduit should be cleaned from time to time to remove impurities according to the medium;

9. For level gauges exceeding a certain length (common type > 3 m, anti-corrosion type > 2 m), the intermediate reinforcement flange or ear climbing should be added as a fixed support to increase the strength and overcome its own weight;

10. The installation position of the magnetic flap level gauge should be avoided or away from the inlet and outlet of the material medium to avoid rapid changes in the local area of the material fluid and affect the accuracy of the liquid level measurement;

11. When equipped with a remote transmission instrument, the following must be done:

a) The remote transmission instrument should be placed close to the main pipe of the liquid level gauge and fixed with stainless steel hoop (disabling iron);

b) The sensing surface on the remote transmission supporting instrument should face and close to the main conduit;

c) The zero position of the remote transmission supporting instrument shall be on the same horizontal line as the zero position indication of the liquid level gauge;

d) The connection between the remote transmission supporting instrument and the display instrument or the industrial computer is preferably laid by a protective tube alone or with a shielded two-core cable;

e) After the wiring box of the junction box is laid, the sealing is required to be good, so as to prevent the intrusion of rainwater and moisture, so that the remote transmission supporting instrument cannot work normally. The junction box should be covered in time after the repair or debugging is completed.

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