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Common Faults of Electromagnetic Flowmeter Before Commissioning

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2016-09-13 14:04:50

Debugging of the fault usually appears in the electromagnetic flow meter installation and commissioning stage, the main reasons are improper installation, environmental interference and fluid characteristics, etc. And once you exclued these factors, it will not occur again at the same conditions. 


First, you should make the correct selection of electrode material, and then analyze the reasons: Improper installation refers to the electromagnetic flow sensor is installed at the wrong location and cause the failure, usually the air venting may occur if it is to be installed on a vertical pipe; or the the flow sensor is installed at the highest point of the piping system where gas is liable to accumulate; or the flow sensor has no back pressure, the fluid directly into the atmosphere and the formation of the non-full tube within the measurement tube. Environmental interference is the space strong electromagnetic interference, pipe stray current interference, large motor magnetic field interference, etc.


Sichuan Vacorda instruments manufacturing co., ltd. think that space electromagnetic interference is generally introduced by the signal cable, usually adopt single or multi-layer shielding to protect. The pipeline stray current interference usually take a good single earth fault protection can be satisfied with the results. However, in the event of strong stray current (such as the electrolysis plant pipe, sometimes in the two electrodes induced on the AC potential peak Vpp up to 1V), still need to take additional measures. Measuring the mixed media, if the mixing is not uniform before entering the flow sensor for measurement, it will also make the output signal fluctuations. 

Sichuan Vacorda instruments manufacturing co., ltd. consider that the electrode material is not match with the measured medium, will also affect the normal measurement that is due to the chemical effects or polarization phenomena . Finally, contain evenly distributed tiny bubbles usually does not affect the normal work of electromagnetic flow meter, but with the increase of air bubbles, the instrument output signal will fluctuate.


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