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Common failures of pressure transmitters and tips for prevention

Author:    Source:    Date: 2021-05-26 15:25:14
When inspecting the various pressure transmitters in the workshop, the instrumentalist attaches great importance to one link, which is the common failure of the pressure transmitter. In fact, preventing the failure of pressure transmitters is not only as simple as checking whether the power supply and the meter head are displayed, but also can be prevented in advance and some tips. Let us learn a little trick from Rui Lingyi.

1. Line failure

When there is a line failure, the numerical value displayed by the computer is abnormal. Open the junction box of the transmitter, check the line for virtual connection, short connection or disconnection, and use methods such as measuring power supply, shaking insulation, and measuring resistance to troubleshoot.

2. Frequency interference

During the wiring process, various signal lines interfere with each other, especially when the power line and the signal line are in the same pipeline, which will cause the transmitter to fail to communicate or even make an error. This kind of erroneous operation can be avoided by increasing the distance between the instrument cable and the power cable trough.

3. Pressure pipeline failure

There are usually three types of pressure pipeline failures: pressure pipeline blockage, pressure pipeline leakage and pressure pipeline liquid accumulation. Blockage of pressure pipes is usually caused by delayed discharge or dirty and viscous media. Pressure pipeline leakage is connected by a transmitter, and there are many accessories such as stop valves, which increase the leakage point; the accumulation of liquid in the pressure pipeline is usually caused by unreasonable gas pressure method or incorrect installation of the pressure pipeline, which will affect the measurement accuracy. As shown in Figure 1.

4. Electrical signal transmission failure
If the pressure transmitter is used or maintained improperly, it is easy to cause the electric signal transmission to fail. For example, placing the 2088 diffused silicon pressure transmitter near the motor and a strong magnetic field will cause the signal transmission distance to be too long, and the signal will be interfered or attenuated. At this time, the cross-sectional area of the cable should be increased as needed. If allowed on site, degaussing equipment can be installed to reduce interference.

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