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Common faults and solutions of ultrasonic level gauges

Author:    Source:    Date: 2021-06-04 15:33:39
Ultrasonic level gauges should be familiar products. It can be widely used for height measurement of sewage treatment, corrosive liquids and other liquid and solid materials.
The following briefly introduces the common faults and solutions of the ultrasonic level gauge of Huikeda instrument.

Common faults of the sound level meter: First, it enters a blind spot. Trouble phenomenon: full scale or arbitrary data appears.

The cause of the failure: The ultrasonic level gauge has a dead angle, which is generally measured within 5 meters, and the dead angle is between 0.3-0.4 meters. 0.4-0.5 meters within 10 meters. After entering the blind zone, the ultrasound will display the current value and cannot work normally.

Solution: The height of the dead angle must be considered when setting, and the distance between the probe and the high water level must be greater than the height of the dead angle.

Common faults of sound level instrument:

2. The influence of stirring. There is a stirring movement in the container, and the liquid fluctuates greatly, which affects the measurement of the ultrasonic level gauge. Trouble phenomenon: No signal or serious data change. The cause of the failure: The measuring distance of the ultrasonic level gauge refers to the calm water surface. For example, an ultrasonic level gauge within 5 meters usually refers to measuring objects within 5 meters of calm water. If there is agitation in the container and the water surface is not calm, the reflected signal will be reduced to less than half of the normal signal. Solution: Choose ultrasonic level gauges. The actual measurement range is 5 meters. Use a 10-meter or 15-meter ultrasonic level gauge for measurement. If the ultrasonic level gauge is not replaced and the liquid in the tank is not viscous, a wave guide can also be installed, and the probe can be placed in the wave guide to measure its height. Because the liquid level in the waveguide is relatively stable. The two-wire ultrasonic level gauge should be changed to a four-wire system.

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