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Common sense of magnetic level meter

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2016-12-16 15:53:40

The main components of magnetic liquid level meter are made of stainless steel, the level gauge has strong reliability and safety, the digital display for the measurement are more clearer. It used to the level measurement and detection for a variety of tower, tank, spherical vessels and boilers and other equipment. This series of level gauge can be done high-sealed, anti-leakage, suitable for the occasions of high temperature, high pressure, corrosion-resistant. It makes up the glass plate (tube) level gauge indicates poor clarity, easy to rupture and other defects, and the whole measurement process without blind spots, clear display, a large measuring range.

magnetic liqui level meter display

(Types of magnetic level meter display)

Characteristics of the magnetic level gauge

1. it is not suitable for side openings In the container and container space is very small, the level gauge can be installed in the upper or lower of the container.

2. Suitable for large viscosity liquid medium.

3. The viewing direction of the display can be changed arbitrarily.

4. Installation level switch transmitter and control switches, they can be installed and justed at any time.

5. If the power is interrupted, on-site switch also will not be affected, the accuracy is high.

6. Every 10 minutes add different colors of the liquid, let the liquid easy to identify. 

Installation issues of magnetic flap level meter


1. The connecting rod can not be bent during installation, and must be mounted straight.

2. Through the float with the liquid surface (or interface) to move up and down to move the magnetic link up and down. The magnetic flap indicator is driven by the magnet in the magnetic connecting rod by the principle of magnetic coupling. With red and blue (liquid red and gas blue) is clearly intuitive to indicate the liquid level in the container, it can realize long-distance transmission and automatic control.

3. Mainly combined with the body part, the local indicators, remote transmitter and the upper and lower alarm, and other components

4. After installation, the need for the monitor to turn the column with a magnet to guide more than once to show the white zero point, zero point below the display of red.

types of magnetic level meter

(Types of magnetic level meter)

With the continuous innovation of magnetic flap level meter, the scope of application is also more and more widely, can be applied in all types of working conditions, but due to a long-term use, inevitably there will be some small failures, here we list some brief solutions as following:

1. State adjustment method: Generally, before confirm the accurate failure, you had better not touch the circuit components, especially the adjustable devices. Unless measures are taken in advance, if necessary, can be touched. Sometimes the fault may be removed after the change.

2. Isolated method: that is, according to the flow chart of the fault detection, gradually narrowing the scope of fault search, together with the signal contrast, parts exchange can be found where the fault soon. This method is relatively safe and reliable.

3. Capacitor Bypass method: If an unusual condition occurs in the circuit, you can use this method to determine the approximate position.

4. Observation method: that is, the use of visual, olfactory, tactile and other organs can find the fault location of the level meter.

5. Excluded method: that is, by inserting the instrument plug-in board, if the instrument returned to normal after a plug-in board or device removed, then the fault location is here.

6. Percussion hand pressure method: during operation, the performance of general instrument are not stable, you can use this method for testing.


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