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DN 2400 large diameter v-cone flow meter

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2016-09-10 15:45:43

Orders starting in April 2016, 6 v-cone flowmeters(all the flowmeters are large diameter, the largest up to DN2400), we have been in the company for months. In our production workshop, you can often see engineers haste figure, and operator frown in front of the v cone flowmeter.


To make it, nobody knows how many brain cells of them dead, of course, it’s just kidding, but it at least prove our determination that make the best flowmeter for our client. Months later, when it shaped, and became beautiful, and meet the client’s requirement, all the hard work is worth it. We did it!

vcone flowmeter produing

(flowmeter producing)

vcone flowmeter factorycone flowmeter

(has been shaped)

 package of cone flowmeter


Now, it the time of excitement: make the delivery!

v cone flow meter delivery

(perfect delivery)


Our excitement is not because we can finally put this product done, and can make money,

But finished the perfect flowmeter to customer, this is our first batch of large diameter V Cone flowmeter, but not the last. We have prepared all the work for the second, third, etc.


Of course, perfect or not, it is said by customers, but we certainly believe that the answer is yes! 

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