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Daily maintenance of column of magnetic level gauges

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2016-11-22 14:03:51

All the equipment produced by VACORDA will undergo a rigorous inspection and calibration before out of the factory , magnetic flap level gauge is no exception. Regardless of the liquid level of the pressure or temperature test, or the magnetic matches between the inner float and the magnetic column, the product can be sold only after the qualified inspection. But, during the use of magnetic level gauge, it still needs careful maintenance. It is easy and simple, and now we will talk about one of the routine maintenance of the magnetic level gauge, the the calibration of the magnetic turning plate.


Factory standard make the lower flange center-line as a zero point, the upper flange center-line fullness point, and the distance of two flange center is use range of the magnetic flap level gauge. If the user found the ruler and zero point is different with the actual level after the liquid in.  Then you can loosen the hose clamp, move the position of the flap, adjust the position of the flap (scale) just corresponds to the actual level value.

 magnetic level gauge

If you find the column arranged in disorder, you can move the float up and down near the column, so that the columns arranged neatly, and when it is red below the float, and white above the float, it indicates the calibration complete, then you can enter the water or move the float observation column changes.

These are the basic type magnetic flap level gauge, and we also produce types of magnetic level gauge for other working occasions. Such as electric heating trace magnetic flap level gauge in low temperature environment for liquid level measurement. The remote type magnetic liquid level gauge can also solve the remote monitoring purposes. Or it can be on-site alarm and remote control room alarm to remind the site workers. 

Finally, one of the factory principles of us producing level gauges is to follow the market trends, the pursuit of customer needs, only this can produce more magnetic level gauges that not be eliminated by the market.


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