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Electromagnetic Flowmeter Alarming Phenomenon and Its Solution

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2018-03-22 15:36:58

When using the electromagnetic flowmeter, it will sometimes occur the alarm phenomenon, and the customer will naturally think whether it is the failure of the flowmeter. In fact, we need specific analysis according to different conditions, the alarm phenomenon of electromagnetic flowmeter often have the following three errors:


1. Excitation alarm and system alarm of electromagnetic flowmeter.


In fact, excitation alarm and system alarm is the same, intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter intelligent detection of the excitation signal alarm, when encountered such a situation, it mostly because the pipe vibration is too large, or in the course of the use, the box lead into the water damp excitation coil open.


Just take the multimeter to detect the“on and off “ of the excitation line. Specific terminals are EXT + and EXT, and measuring whether there is resistance, by determining the size of resistance to determine the cause of the excitation line disconnected.


2. Empty tube alarm of the electromagnetic flowmeter.

Intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter generally have empty pipe detection, and it needs no additional electrodes. When the user selects the empty pipe alarm, when the fluid in the pipeline is lower than the measuring electrode, the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter can detect an empty pipe state, at this time, the analog and digital output signal of the instrument are all “0”. 


Then main significance of electromagnetic flowmeter empty tube alarm is that the customers can real-time state of the media within the pipeline, especially for those opaque pipe section. Therefore, the electromagnetic flowmeter empty pipe alarm is not indicate a failure of electromagnetic flowmeter, but faithfully reflect the state of the measured fluid within the pipeline. Of course, the user can choose to prohibit this setting.


3. The upper and lower limit alarm of the electromagnetic flowmeter.

The flow upper and lower limit alarms are calculated according to the percentage of the flowmeter's measuring range. This parameter is a concrete reflection of whether the specific flow range is beyond the setting flow range value. And it can not explain the electromagnetic flowmeter beyond the measuring range, can only be regarded as the setting percentage of the range of electromagnetic flowmeter . This setting is emphasized because the measuring range of the  electromagnetic flowmeter can be set. Sometimes in order to improve the output signal resolution of electromagnetic flowmeter, the user can set the actual needs of the measurement for the electromagnetic flowmeter upper and lower alarm phenomenon. If you feel that there is no need, you can also close the alarm.


The upper and lower limit alarms indicate that the output current and the output frequency or pulse are all out of limits. The flow range to change the large and small, the revocation of the upper and lower limit alarm.


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