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Electromagnetic flowmeter installation structure and selection of diameter and electrode

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2016-12-22 15:52:18

Installation structure

Together with the electromagnetic flowmeter host and sensor can constitute an integrated electromagnetic flowmeter; and connected with flow sensor and signal cable,it called the separate type electromagnetic flowmeter, and it’s converter mounted on the wall or bracket.

electromagnetic flowmeter display

Caliber selection

When the common flow rate of the measuring pipe≧0.5 m/s, select the flowmeter with the same diameter as the measuring pipe.and select a flow meter with a smaller diameter than the measuring pipe in the following cases:

The flow rate in the measuring pipe is too slow to meet the requirements of the flowmeter or the measurement accuracy can not be met at this flow rate. (For a relatively high accuracy, the lower limit should be ≧1 m / s).

anti corrosion electromagnetic flowmeter

Selection of electrode material

1. SS316L: Apply to industrial water, domestic water, sewage and other weak corrosive medium and neutral solution and carbonic acid, acetic acid and other weak acid.

2. Titanium: Resistant to seawater, all kinds of chloride and hypochlorite and a variety of hydroxide corrosion.

3. Hastelloy C: Oxidation resistant acids, such as the acid mixture with nitric acid, mixed acid, chromic acid and sulfuric acid. Also corrosion resistant to oxidizing salts or other environment of oxidizing agents. And a has good corrosion resistance to the seawater, alkali solution, oxide solution.

4. Hastelloy B: It has good corrosion resistance to the non-oxidizing acids, alkali salts, such as sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, hydrofluoric acid and so on.

5. Tantalum: The corrosion resistance to almost all chemical medium in addition to hydrofluoric acid. But because of its high price, it is only used for hydrochloric acid and concentrated sulfuric acid.

6. Tungsten Carbide: It has excellent wear resistance, dedicated to the wear-type media, like slurry, pulp and others.

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