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Electromagnetic flowmeters applied to different working conditions

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2017-05-02 16:37:54

Electromagnetic flowmeter has the characteristics of high precision, high reliability and long life. Its measured fluid should not contain more ferromagnetic material or bubbles; we should select the appropriate pressure level, lining materials, electrode materials and instrument structure based on the temperature, pressure, corrosion, wear and other characteristics of the measured fluid. As a professional manufacturer of electromagnetic flowmeters, because of its reliable quality, vacorda’s electromagnetic flowmeters are widely used in various industries all over the world. The different type of electromagnetic flowmeters are used in the different working areas. Here we will provide you some suggestions:


1. In the food hygiene, medicine and other industries, the electromagnetic flowmeter sensor is required to be demolished easily, so is it convenient to clean up regularly steam sterilization. Therefore, in the health industry, electromagnetic flowmeter must need the hygiene type.


2. In the metallurgical, paper, sewage treatment and other industries, the electromagnetic flowmeter is generally separate type, large diameter flange connection type; And in the biomedical, chemical and other industries are usually used the small diameter, integrated type of folder connection. Different areas of the electromagnetic flowmeter specifications are not the same.


3. In some special places, such as some explosion-proof type of occasions, it needs a good explosion-proof fire performance of the flow instruments, in these cases, the energy of the exciting current is very large, and the electromagnetic flowmeters can be divided into airtight type, diaphragm type and sand type. With the rapid development of science and technology, the excitation current power dropped a lot, so the most common flowmeter in the explosion-proof is safe spark type, it is consists of the flow meter sensing part and conversion part, mainly used in the dangerous area.

4. The instrument used in the channel is diving type, mainly for industrial drainage and sewer; they want to use the power of the hoist for the relevant drainage work. At the same time the electromagnetic flowmeter sensor to be installed in the lower part of the open channel baffle, long-term soaking in the water below.

Usually, the electromagnetic flowmeter is divided into three types: integrated types, separated type and inserted type, and in different occasions choose different types of electromagnetic flowmeters, the correct use of electromagnetic flowmeter is a powerful force to your the efficient work.

Finally, if you still have any doubts and other suggestion, please let me know and just call me right now.

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