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Fall behind the starting line, win at the road. And Vacorda’s keeping on innovation

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2016-10-21 15:01:59

China's magnetic flap level gauge development is actually relatively late start, so there are still some gaps compared with the foreign technology level. But the external demand and domestic demand continues to skyrocket, stimulating the development of magnetic flap level meter technology, the quality and technology of our magnetic flap level gauge are more and more mature.

Over the past few years, China's magnetic flap level meter technology continues to improve, and now domestic magnetic flap level meter completely occupied most of the sales market, including domestic and international markets, has a good prospects .

high pressure liquid level gauge

(Structure of magnetic level gauge)

We know that, from the past to the present, the world is changing, the industry in progress, structural adjustment, are the result of social and market development, level gauge industry is no exception, follow the market changes are inevitable. The energy-saving, environmentally friendly, automated, high-precision magnetic flap level meter constantly replace those who do not have high quality and accuracy, not widely application.  To a certain extent, these high-environmental high-precision equipment increased customer capacity and reduce customer wear and tear. Thus it formed a virtuous circle, and it will finally stimulate the manufacturers continue to innovate.

electromagnetic flowmeter

(Delivery of electromagnetic flow meter)

Although our magnetic flap level gauge started late, but no one can laugh to the last, because this road does not have the end, only who has been running in the front. So Vacorda has been constantly upgrading their technological level, only to walk in front of the industry for our customers to bring better products and services experience, and we also need the support and encouragement from our customers, this is why we keep on our continuous innovation and progress.

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