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Frontline staff teach you how to judge the accuracy of electromagnetic flowmeters

Author:    Source:    Date: 2021-05-13 16:24:56
The more accurate the electromagnetic flowmeter, the happier the customer. Because the accuracy is improved, the cost of the enterprise can be reduced. So, if the accuracy of the electromagnetic flowmeter is not high, how to judge and what basis is there?

The finished electromagnetic flowmeter must undergo rigorous testing from the factory to the customer, so that the electromagnetic flowmeter customers can use it with confidence. However, if the electromagnetic flowmeter is used normally, its accuracy may change with changes in the site environment. For example, due to strong electromagnetic interference on site, the accuracy of the electromagnetic flowmeter is reduced, and the accuracy of the electromagnetic flowmeter is not high. Related to various factors. Therefore, we must put it in perspective.

Practical skills for frontline old workers to judge the accuracy of electromagnetic flowmeters

1. Electromagnetic flowmeters have requirements for pipelines, and have higher requirements for straight pipe sections, which can be met to the greatest extent during the design of new water plants. It is difficult to meet these conditions during the renovation and installation of old water plants, which will affect the stability of the equipment. Sex. In this regard, the solution is to install a rectifier tube to improve the flow characteristics.

2. Too low flow rate of the measured water will affect the accuracy of the measurement. In particular, the flow meters installed on the borders of some old cities have very small pressure differences at the end of the regional company’s pipe network, so the flow rate is too low. The solution can be improved by opening the valves on both sides of the boundary to the maximum.

3. When there is gas in the pipeline, it will cause measurement fluctuation and instability. If we want to quarrel, we must find the source of gas. When necessary, an exhaust valve can be installed on the pipeline.

4. In the raw water pipeline, the surface of the sensor electrode of the flowmeter is contaminated by mud deposits, and the shape is measured. The solution is to choose wiper electrodes, and the wells are regularly maintained and cleaned.

5. Foreign matter accumulates in the inlet pipe of the electromagnetic flowmeter. Through the sudden change of the lateral flow characteristics, the measurement accuracy has a large error. The solution is to remove the foreign objects accumulated on the pipeline in time.

6. The electromagnetic flowmeter should be installed in a place where there is no strong magnetic field, at least 10 meters away. In this case, the magnetic field will weaken Figure 1.

The above is the sharing of articles by frontline old workers judging the accuracy of electromagnetic flow meters. Hope the article above can be helpful.


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