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How to check the existing problems after long-term use of orifice flowmeter

Author:    Source:    Date: 2021-06-01 14:38:41


(1) Structural deviation: a. The right-angle sharpness of the orifice entrance; b. The thickness of the throttling piece; c. The flatness of the upstream end of the throttling piece; d. The pressure position; e. The processing of the pressure measuring port is not standardized or Blockage; f. The size of the pipe diameter is inconsistent with the calculated value; Steps and dislocations appear near the throttle parts; h. The size of the annular chamber does not match, resulting in steps or eccentricity; I. The weld seam is protruding; j. ).

(2) Piping layout deviation: a. The throttle is close to the throttle device. The types of restrictors are very complicated, including single restrictors and combined restrictors. The standard only gives a few single throttles, but there is still no test data for combined throttles. b. The application of flow regulator makes the flow into the throttling element fully develop the pipeline flow, but it can not be achieved by casual use. If used improperly, it will cause side effects such as flow field deviation, blockage, and high pressure loss.

(3) Deviations in use: a. Orifice plate bending (deformation); b. Dirt deposits on the upstream end face of the throttling element; c. Dirt deposits in the measuring tube upstream of the throttling element; d. Orifice plate entrance right angle side Blunt and damage; the roughness of the inner surface of the venturi tube changes.

(4) The influence of pipe wall roughness: a. The increase of pipe wall roughness makes the flow velocity distribution curve steeper, and the outflow coefficient increases; b. The pipe wall roughness is a difficult factor to grasp, which is related to fluid properties and pipe wall Corrosion, scaling, etc. are related and change with time.

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