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How to increase the accuracy of mass flowmeter

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2016-08-30 15:38:44

Coriolis mass flowmeter is a multi-parameter mechanical vibration type of smart flow measurement instruments, It can directly measure the mass flow rate, density, temperature of the fluid, and calculate the volume flow of fluid according to the above measured parameters.

mass flowmeter manufacturer

Working principle

Coriolis mass flowmeter using the measurement tube’s (also known as vibrating tube) two halves of the vibration frequency of the phase difference is proportional to the mass flow to measure the mass flow rate, use function between the measuring tube’s resonant frequency and the density of the medium to get the density. Coriolis mass flowmeter can also be obtained from two basic parameters to get the volume flow “qv”: the mass flow rate “qm” and density “ρ”.

 mass flow meter principle

Factor influence the accuracy of mass flow meter:


Coriolis mass flow meter is an electromagnetically driven mechanical vibration-type flow measurement instruments, materials of the flow meter tubes affected by the process, medium pressure and temperature. Flow measurement tube (also known as the flow tube vibration) installed in the pipeline will be under the influence of mechanical vibrations plant line, mechanical stress, mechanical torque, etc. Also Coriolis mass flowmeter itself exhibit the error characteristics is showing like "megaphone", rather than a different flow showing like a flat line.

In short, to improve the accuracy of coriolis mass flow meter, you should pay attention to every aspect of the process control, and seize the key point and details of every aspect. If you can complete reach the requirements of this article, you can easily realize the goal of high accuracy of coriolis mass flowmeter.

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