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How to select flow meter in water industry?

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2018-03-21 16:14:58

How to select flow meter in water industry?

When the metering data use for trade settlement in the water supply industry, the measurement accuracy requirements will be high. The accuracy should reach of ± 2.5% R in accordance with the provisions of GB / T 17167. For large diameter flow meters, some users require up to ± 0.5% R.

Some features on selecting flow meter in water industry:

1. Measurement range of demanding. Home users are used intermittently, even large enterprises and institutions, water consumption is greatly different between day and night, different seasons, or different stages of production, operation, management or services.

2. Harsh environment, large-diameter pipe is generally laid underground, so most of the flow meter is installed in the instrument well, it is easy happen that rain flooded the flow meter. Therefore, the flow meter should be environmental protection of IP68.

3. Poor cleanliness of the raw water, and the low pressure in the pipeline, so under low flow conditions in the large-diameter pipe, it is easy to accumulate sludge on the pipe wall, Therefore the selection of flowmeter should consider the impact of silt, engineering design and sludge clean should be considered at installation.

Finally, according to the above features, the most suitable choice in water industry is electromagnetic flow meters, which can fully meet the above requirements. (Ps: there are also other factors on selection of electromagnetic flow meters, you can refer the message we have delivered before----How to choose electromagnetic flow meters in different working conditions, or just contact us for further info.)


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