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Installation notice about the orifice plate flowmeter

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2016-12-28 15:31:56
When the fluid which full fill the pipe flow through the throttling device in the pipe, the stream will partially shrink at the throttling part of the throttling device, increasing the flow rate and lowering the static pressure. And it will generate the pressure difference. The larger the flow rate of the medium flows, the greater the pressure difference before and after the orifice. So orifice flowmeter can measure the fluid flow by measuring the differential pressure. And this measurement method is based on the law of energy conservation and the law of flow continuity.

1. Straight pipe sections before and after the throttle must be straight and must not be visually curved.

2. the straight pipe used should be smooth, if not, flow coefficient should be multiplied by the roughness to correct.

3. In order to ensure that the flow of the fluid forms a fully developed turbulent flow velocity distribution 1D before the orifice, and this distribution into a uniform axisymmetric shape, the straight pipe must be round, but also on the first 2D range, the roundness requirements is very strict, and have a certain degree of roundness.

4. Correctly connect the signal wire and power wire.

5. Open the inlet and outlet valves, make their opening the same

6. Open the stainless steel three-valve balancing valve, slowly open valve in the high and low pressure side of the orifice plate, and close the stainless steel three-valve balance valve after the flow through the flow meter. 

orifice plate flowmeter

The characteristics of the intelligent orifice plate flowmeter

▲ Adopt imported monocrystalline silicon smart pressure sensor;

▲ High precision: ±0.075%, perfect self-diagnosis function;

▲ Smart orifice flowmeter’s range can be self-programming adjustment;

▲ Intelligent orifice flowmeter can display the cumulative flow, instantaneous flow, pressure, temperature at the same time;

▲ Besides the performance of online, dynamic full compensation, it also has the advantages of self-diagnosis, set their own range;

▲ With a variety of communication interfaces.

▲ High stability

▲ Wild measurement range, more than 10: 1

Intelligent orifice meter technical indicators

▲ High stability: better than 0.1% FS / year;

▲ High static pressure: 40MPa;

▲ Continuous work for 5 years without adjustment;

▲ I t can ignore the influence of the temperature, static pressure.

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