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Installation of magnetic level gauge for high liquid level tank

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2018-09-11 11:53:25

As one of the liquid level measuring instruments which is put into use in a large number of storage tanks, it has the advantage of distinguishing from other types of instruments, in many cases, the magnetic flap liquid level meter has become the first choice of the liquid tank area, because of its simple structure, intuitive reading, good working stability, large measuring range, and is not limited by the height Coupled with its easy installation (side-mounted and top-mounted points) has been favored by many enterprises.

The working principle of magnetic flap level gauge is that it is the use of magnetic coupling principle, it is an important technical progress relative to the previous glass tube level meter, it makes up the shortcomings of the glass tube liquid level meter’s easy to break in high temperature and pressure working condition, Eliminate the impact of the measurement tube breakage on production and the personal injury of the operator.

The installation of the magnetic plate level meter is divided into top-mounted and side-mounted type, in the field of industrial applications will certainly have a variety of storage tanks, there are horizontal tanks, underground tanks, high-length tanks, etc., due to the installation of the top-mounted style lack of support, so the highest recommendation not more than 5 meters. While the side-mounted measurement range may be arbitrarily selected, 10 meters of the tank is generally no problem. How to choose the side and top-mounted type of installation, according to the specific requirements of the production site and the specific conditions of the tank to choose, we choose the magnetic plate liquid level meter when there is need to pay attention to, vacorda bring the following summary:

factory application of level gauge

1. Installation of the side-mounted magnetic flap liquid level meter:

The level of the liquid level gauge of the magnetic flap plate is influenced by the technology. Column such as: When measuring 10 meters high liquid level storage tank, if directly choose to do 10 meters long magnetic flap level gauge, the first product will be very clumsy; second, transport inconvenience, so it is recommended to take sub-processing reasonable, so that there will be no technical error and no blind area affected. The advantage of the magnetic flap liquid level gauge is that it can be installed in a split body. That is, to divide 10 meters into two or three segments, each with a good flange connection. This can be convenient for transport, the cost will be greatly reduced. The user needs only after receiving the goods, uses the ordinary tool to the three section between the flange docking good. As for the corrosion and leakage we have also taken into account, the specific analysis, the magnetic flap level meter can be equipped with electric remote transmission, and output 4~20ma standard signal to match the recording instrument, or computer networking.

10 meters and more than 10 meters is a bit long, whether it is segmented or not, it is advisable to use clamps or other fixed parts around the middle or each segment of the flange. The magnetic plate level meter in the device, the magnetic flap level gauge must adhere to the straight condition, the magnetic flap level meter and the container lead pipe should be equipped with ball valve, in order to facilitate the maintenance and disassembly of the liquid level meter cleaning.

Side-mounted type of internal-lined magnetic flap level meter (PP) for hydrochloric acid, dilute sulfuric acid and other inorganic corrosive liquid measurement. Side-mounted type of internal-lined magnetic flap liquid level gauge (PTFE) for corrosive media and high operating temperature level measurement, selection of the leading stainless steel lined PTFE tensile flanging new technology, the layout is reliable, the use of long life. It is the best choice for measuring the liquid level of high corrosive medium such as hydrofluoric acid. Before use, the 0-bit ball should be placed into red with the proof magnet, and the other balls will be white.

the magnetic level gauge installed in the high tank

2. Installation of top-mounted magnetic plate liquid level meter:

For top-mounted magnetic flap level gauge and the tank, in general, choose DN80 and DN100 connection flange are sufficient. When the installation height up to 4 to 5 meters, it is recommended to increase the fixed cable on both sides, this can ensure that the instrument without damage in a more severe measurement environment, such as the vibration of the site is large, or sometimes encounter collision.


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