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Installation and use of glass tube level gauge

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2018-01-16 15:35:58

When arrival the Glass tube liquid level gauge , it should be intact, the product is easily broken, therefore, it should be handled carefully during transportation, handling, start box, should not collide the product against the glass broken.

 glass tube level gauge

Glass tube level gauge before installation should carefully check the appearance of the instrument. all parts of glass tube level gauge have been tested as 1.5 times of standard pressure, the user can not disassemble the quartz tube.


When the installing center distance is manufactured according to user requirements size, If you need to adjust the viewing direction, set the upper and lower ends of the compression nut Loosen (do not connect the flange bolts tightened), when complete the adjustment of viewing direction, and then respectively tighten both ends of the compression nut and the connecting flange bolts to achieve the complete seal connection.

Bi-color display glass level meter should let the instrument back facing the light source direction to enhance the performance of color display. When observe the level, you should stand in front of the level gauge, the display position of red-green boundary is the real level in the container. Glass level gauge attached to the container, the upper and lower valve should be turned off, should be first counterclockwise rotate the hand wheel upper of the valve, open the valve before put into operation, then slowly open the upper valve to let the medium slow inflow of instruments.


If the liquid in the container is at a high temperature, the glass tube should be warmed up for half an hour in advance, in order to avoid the glass tube burst.

When inlet or pressure boost in the container, the level display may be not clear, but this is just a temporary phenomenon caused by the instability of level or pressure in the container, you just need to wait some times, it will be ok soon.

glass tube level gaugequartz glass tube level gauge

(The structure of the glass tube liquid level gauge)


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