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Introduction to the installation characteristics of natural gas metering of the rotary vortex flowmeter

Author:    Source:    Date: 2021-05-24 16:58:57
There are many flow meters that can measure natural gas, such as vortex flowmeters, throttling flowmeters, gas turbine flowmeters, etc., but why are customers allowed to rotate as vortex flowmeters? Because its display method is different from other flowmeters, it integrates liquid crystal display, display flow, pressure, temperature, its most prominent advantage. Natural gas vortex flowmeter is a precise flow meter, which can be combined with the corresponding flow totalizer, on-site display meter, etc. Measure the flow and total amount of gas; Mr. Ruiling will share with you the characteristics of natural gas installation based on vortex flowmeters.

First, the characteristics of the swirling vortex flowmeter

1. Built-in pressure, temperature and flow sensors, high safety performance, compact structure and beautiful appearance.

2. The temperature, pressure, instantaneous flow and accumulated flow are displayed on the spot.

3. The use of a new signal processing amplifier and unique filtering technology can effectively eliminate the interference signals generated by pressure fluctuations and pipeline vibrations, greatly improve the interference capability of the flowmeter, and make the small flow rate have excellent stability.

4. The unique time display and real-time data saving function ensure that the internal data will not be lost under any circumstances and can be saved.

5. The overall power consumption of the device is extremely low, and it can be operated for a long time through the internal battery. It is ideal to display the meter on the spot without using an external power supply.

6. The anti-theft function is reliable, with password protection to prevent parameter changes.

7. The header can freely rotate 180 degrees, which is easy to install.

2. Installation guide for swirling vortex flowmeter

1. Do not install in places subject to strong vibration. In addition, when the pipeline is long, the vibration generated by the upstream and downstream pipelines of the sensor must be eliminated.

2. When using an external power supply, the flowmeter must be grounded, and the ground wire must not be shared with the strong current system. During piping installation or inspection, the public grounding wire of the electric welding system shall not overlap with the flowmeter.

3. When it is installed outdoors, the upper part must be covered to prevent rainwater from being immersed or exposed to the scorching sun to affect the life of the vortex flowmeter.

4. Bypass piping must be installed to facilitate maintenance and not affect the normal delivery of fluid. When the gas contains large particles or long fiber waste, a filter must be installed on the vortex flowmeter.

5. The flowmeter should be installed in accordance with the regulations of relevant explosion-proof places, and relevant safety regulations must be observed during installation and maintenance.

6. There should be no strong external magnetic field interference and strong mechanical vibration around the flowmeter. Avoid the influence of high temperature heat source and radiant heat source, and also avoid the influence of strong corrosive environment.

7. Do not open the flowmeter at will, and do not twist the wire connectors and temperature and pressure sensor connectors at will.

Natural gas vortex flowmeters are currently widely used in measurement and control systems in the fields of petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, scientific research, etc., especially for the measurement of natural gas, dry gas, compressed air, etc.


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