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Introduction to the selection method of differential pressure value of standard orifice flowmeter

Author:    Source:    Date: 2021-06-01 14:15:14
1. When the pressure difference is large, the minimum straight pipe segment required can be shorter.

2. For differential pressure transmitters, large differential pressure is more stable than small differential pressure.

3. When the pressure difference is larger, the value becomes smaller, and the recommended minimum Reynolds number is smaller. In this way, the actual Reynolds number may be much larger than the recommended Reynolds number, so the flow coefficient tends to stabilize and the measurement accuracy is improved.

4. The above basic introduction is to choose the advantages of large pressure difference, but to a certain extent, it will bring some disadvantages. Those who are familiar with the processing technology of orifice flowmeter and V-cone flowmeter should know that when the pressure difference is too large, the direct consequence is that the opening becomes very small, so the pressure loss is relatively large, and the original pressure loss of the orifice flowmeter is very high. Big. If you add this, the cost caused by this pressure loss is considerable for the entire process system; in contrast, the v-cone flowmeter is slightly mild.
In view of this feature, for the integrated orifice flowmeter, considering various economic factors, the opening value with the largest pressure difference should be selected; the V-cone flowmeter is relatively better. If the field fluid is a Newtonian fluid, then the V-cone flowmeter itself has relatively low requirements for straight pipe sections, even if it is shorter, it does not exist in comparison.

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