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Magnetic flap level indicator column display discontinuity and common solutions

Author:    Source:    Date: 2018-05-29 15:53:52

With the development of modern industry, the magnetic flap level gauge (also known as magnetic flip level gauge, magnetic column level gauge) is constantly innovating, its application range is more and more widely, and the models are various, such as top mounted type Magnetic flap level gauges, high-temperature and high-pressure magnetic flap level gauges, anti-corrosion magnetic flap level gauges, outside the paste level gauge, etc., can be applied in all walks of life. The level gauge works according to the principle of buoyancy and the principle of magnetic coupling. When the liquid level in the tested container rises and falls, the float in the main catheter of the liquid level gauge also rises and falls. The permanent magnets in the float are transmitted to the on-site indicator through magnetic coupling, and the red and white columns or flaps are turned 180°. When the liquid level rises, the column or flap turns from white to red. When the liquid level drops, the column or flap turns from red to white. The red and white boundary of the indicator is the actual level of the medium in the container. Height, thus achieving the level indication.

However, due to long-term use, it is inevitable that there will be some common faults of the magnetic flap level gauge.

1. Condition adjustment method: Under normal circumstances, before failure is determined, components in the circuit cannot be touched, especially adjustable components. Unless prior steps are taken, they can be touched if necessary. Maybe after some change, the fault will be eliminated.

2. The isolation method: that is, according to the flow chart of fault detection, segmentation and enveloping gradually narrow down the fault search scope, together with the signal comparison, parts exchange can quickly find where the fault lies. This method is relatively safe and reliable.

3: Capacitance bypass method: If the circuit has an unusual situation, you can use this method to determine the approximate location. Observation method: that is, the use of visual, sense of smell, touch and other organs can find out where the level gauge fails.

4. Exclusion method: It is judged by inserting and removing the plug-in board and device in the meter. If the meter recovers after removing a certain plug-in board or device, then the location of the fault is here.

5. Tap the hand pressure method: When the general instrument is in good or bad condition during operation, it can be tested by this method.

The magnetic flap level gauge is the instruments designed to measure the liquid level and has high measurement accuracy. As a more than 20 years manufacturer of high-risk environmental level meters, Sichuan vacorda has its own professional skills and insights on level gauges. Occasionally, you will see the beads show discontinuous, what is the reason?

1. The reason for the external panel. After a long period of use, the gaps in the magnetic ball will accumulate dust, the magnetic properties of the ball will degauss, the vibration of the receiving panel will be skewed, and some of the axes of the flip will be shifted and skewed. The overturning that makes it almost impossible to synchronize with the internal dice is particularly true when there is more than one external panel with overturning friction.

2. The internal float of the jacketed magnetic flap liquid level gauge has intermittent jamming due to internal contamination, resulting in jamming at one liquid surface, causing the liquid surface to hold up and submerge the floater, and the floater immediately jumps out of the jam. Face, causing the external panel too late to react and appear red, white, red and white phenomenon, if the float itself adheres to more impurities, it will appear more than a point of resistance phenomenon, the performance of the external panel is a multi-segment red and white display.

3. The magnetic weakening of the inner float and the increase of the external flip ball friction force will also cause multi-segment display of the color of the panel. In addition to the fixed panel material, many on-site maintenance or the use of iron wire for magnetic ball insulation Fixed, long-lasting down caused the magnetic appearance of the wire, causing the panel around the wire to have only erroneous magnetic properties, causing the red-white distribution of the panel to appear in multiple segments.

More often than not, the magnetic flap level gauge has been used for too long, resulting in loss of the flap. Of course, other situations may also occur.



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