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Magnetic level gauge apply to the storage tank

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2017-05-04 20:18:04
Sichuan VACORDA Instruments Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional production-manufacturing enterprise specialized in designing, producing and marketing of instruments and apparatuses. Our company has been established for 20 years since 1997 to grow up to be a team of high-quality, united, hard-working and truth-seeking characters. Solid foundation has been established. Today, we will talk about the magnetic level gauge application in the storage tank.
application of the anti frost magnetic level gauge
1. Magnetic flap level gauge has ways of installation, such as side loading, top loading and top mounted side of the installation, regardless of the installation ways, you can all configure the remote device, and let the magnetic level meter that can display the liquid level on site, and remote monitoring level.Then the magnetic flap level gauge is called a remote type magnetic flap level gauge.

2. Magnetic flap level gauge working according to the principle of magnetic coupling principle, it can make up the multiple shortcomings of the glass tube level gauge cannot work at high temperature and pressure and fragile.
magnetic level gauges display in the exhibition
3. Magnetic flap level gauge use a magnetic float as the sensing element, and through the magnetic column of the magnetic float and the display magnetic resonance, reflecting the measured level or interface of the measurement instruments.

4. The magnetic flap level gauge indicator is mounted on the outside or above of the tank to indicate and control the level in the tub. The enclosed form may be fitted with a drain valve as required. It is suitable for high temperature, high pressure, corrosion and other occasions, can realize both local display and remote control. Magnetic flap level gauge body tube with seamless steel pipe, connecting pipe with drawing hole welding, no scratches inside. 
types of the magnetic level gauge
5. The display of the magnetic flap level indicator has the advantages of intuitive, eye-catching, wide viewing angle, compact structure, safe and reliable, small maintenance and low maintenance cost, and its indication function does not need to be supplied separately. Even if the power supply fails, Liquid level observation will not be affected, is the ideal level detection instrument.

6. Level sensor of remote type magnetic flap level gauge to convert the standard current signal to match the instrumentation, or industrial control computer networking

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