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Maintenance introduction of v cone flowmeter

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2016-12-09 16:38:03

V cone flowmeter can be adapted to a large number of media measurement, it has the features of high stability, the simple application and installation. But for the scene, in order to ensure the stability of the field operation, we need to carry out regular maintenance for the flowmeter.

Before installation, it must pass the measurement verification. In the confirmation of the technical indicators in line with the circumstances, then conduct the installationin strict accordance with the requirements of signal pipe and differential pressure meter. For different media, we must refer to the relevant standards for different installation and identification.

When put into use, must exclude air in the signal piping at the highest department of exhaust valve.

Regular cleaning signal lines and differential pressure flow meter, clear all debris.

Before put into use, we should check the zero position. When checking the zero position, close the two pilot valves on the meter valve and open the counterbalance valve. If the zero offset is found, the cause should be identified and adjusted.

If found differential pressure flowmeter indication and the measured values are significantly different, should make a comprehensive inspection and repair.

v cone flowmeter

Finally, it is a good performance to keep the regular maintenance of V cone flow meter, it can extend the life time of the flowmeter, and guarantee the measuring accuracy. As a experienced manufacturer specilized in the measuring instruments, for more programs of the flowmeter, please instantly concerning our official website http://www.vacorda.com.

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