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Methods to improve the measurement accuracy of orifice plate flowmeter

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2016-12-26 15:53:11

Orifice plate flowmeter is a standard flow meter, at present, this type of flow meter is widely used in many areas. And it has the high accuracy and can meet the needs of different users. In order to enlarger the application range of orifice flowmeter, and make the measurement performance better, here we provide you some method to improve the measurement accuracy of orifice plate flowmeter:


1. The design and installation of metering devices must meet the standards.

The most fundamental reason of the impact of orifice flowmeter measurement accuracy is that the throttling device geometry and whether the flow dynamics is deviated from the design standards. So in the course of use, you should regularly check and maintenance the system and for the actual use of temperature, pressure, flow and other conditions of the parameters of change, you need to amended them in time, you can use fully compensated flow computer integrated program, in order to reduce measurement error, to ensure that the measurement accuracy.

 orifice plate flowmeter

(Orifice plate flowmeter)

2. Eliminate the pulsating flow in the airflow

In the pipeline, the flow velocity of gas and the pressure suddenly change, which causes the pulsating flow, which can cause the fluctuation of the differential pressure. The flow calculation formula of the throttling device is based on the steady flow of the orifice, the stability principle can not be established, thus affecting the measurement accuracy, resulting in measurement error. Therefore, in order to ensure the accuracy of natural gas measurement, it is necessary to inhibit the pulsating flow, the common measures are:

  • On condition of meeting the measurement capacity of the conditions, to select the relatively small diameter of the measurement tube, you can increase the differential pressure and aperture ratio;
  • The use of short lead-pressure pipelines to reduce resistance in the pipeline, and make the length of the upstream and downstream pipeline equal to reduce the system to produce resonance and pressure pulsation amplitude increases;
  •  The elimination of free liquid from the pipeline, the pipeline in the pulsation caused by the liquid can be used automatic pigging system or lower installation of the dispenser to deal with;

3. To avoid artificial measurement error.

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