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Operation condition and performance of electromagnetic flowmeter and turbine flowmeter

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2017-01-03 15:39:03

Operating conditions of flow meter directly affect its measurement performance,the changes of operating pressure or temperature changes direct impact its measurement chamber changes on the flow meter. Hear we talk about two types of flowmeters: electromagnetic flowmeter and turbine flowmeter.

1. Electromagnetic flowmeter

To electromagnetic flowmeters the indirect effect is the changes of the viscosity, density and other physical parameters of the measured medium. As the complexity of the flow meter structure and shape and discrete processing and assembly, it is almost impossible to make the accurate correction by using the method of calculation of its cavity with the operating conditions of the changes, and is also impossible to fit all the flowmeter according to the experimental data to meet the accuracy requirements of the empirical formula.

factory electromagnetic flow meter

(Electromagnetic flow meter)

2. Turbine flowmeter

For a speed type turbine flowmeter, changes in operating conditions will cause changes in its flow area, resulting in changes in meter factor. If the operating conditions of the flow meter when the test can be used with the same or close to the actual use, then the offline test can meet the requirements. However, due to the complexity and variability of operating conditions, offline verification often can not reproduce the actual operating conditions, only online flow verification can solve the high accuracy of the flow measurement problem, or to consider the additional error.


(Liquid turbine flowmeter)

3. Broadly speaking, the measured medium uniformity, the amount of gas (liquid), impurity content and other incoming conditions, but also belong to the scope of flow meter operating conditions, but its impact on the performance of the flow meter is more complex, sometimes online Real flow test is also difficult to solve.

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