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Precautions for installation of input type level gauge (static pressure type water level gauge)

Author:Vacorda    Source:www.vacorda.com    Date: 2020-09-03 17:31:02

The input type level gauge (static pressure type water level gauge) is made of advanced isolation diffused silicon sensitive elements. It can be directly put into the container or water body to accurately measure the height from the end of the water level gauge to the water surface, and the water level value can be passed through 4 -20mA current output. Input level gauges (static pressure gauges) are widely used in water level monitoring fields such as urban water supply and drainage, sewage treatment, groundwater, reservoirs, rivers, and oceans.

installation steps:

input type level gauge

1. The input type liquid level gauge (static pressure type water level gauge) usually puts in the PVC pipe or steel pipe with a diameter larger than that of the water level gauge. The pipe is fixed in the water, and several small holes are punched at different heights so that the water can enter the pipe smoothly. Or install a damping device at the bottom to filter sediment and eliminate the influence of dynamic pressure and waves on the measurement.


2. When measuring the static water level, the water level gauge should be cast to the bottom of the container but not to touch the sand or silt at the bottom.


3. The input level gauge (hydrostatic water level gauge) cannot be used in the environment of ultra-high temperature, over-range, and strong magnetic field, which will seriously affect the accuracy and service life of the level gauge.


4. It is strictly forbidden to touch the pressure sensor diaphragm with hard objects.


5. The installation direction of the input type liquid level gauge is vertical, and the installation position should be far away from the entrance and exit and the source of vibration.


6. Connect in accordance with the wiring instructions provided by the manufacturer.


7 Do not block the air duct during installation.


8. If an abnormality is found during installation, immediately turn off the power for inspection, or contact the water level meter manufacturer, remember not to disassemble and reinstall the water level meter by yourself.

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