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Professional Vacorda instruments manufacture

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2016-09-20 15:48:41

The modern civilization break out after the industrial revolution, the industrial revolution began in the 1860s. It was the stage of the transition from the handicraft industry to the machinery industry. The invention and use of machinery has become a sign of this era, so historians call this era of "machine age", the steam engine, coal, iron and steel is the four main factors to promote the industrial revolution technology to accelerate the development.

The end of the industrial revolution did not really end, it led to the outbreak of modern civilization of mankind, and put the industrial development and social development to a new level. With the development of the times, whether before or after the industrial revolution, and even in the rapid development of modern civilization today, there is still such a spirit has been spread in the development trend of the main line - the spirit of professionalism.

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Professionalism is divided into two aspects of hard and soft. The hard aspects refers to the professional vocational skills that every job must be fulfilled. Each of our employees need to have a solid professional skills, then they can start producing the instruments. And what’s more, our company also regularly carry out the targeted skills training to ensure the professionalism of each part, each process of product. This is why many customers choose our products and service, due to the professional skills. As the soft aspects, it contains the professional ethics, professional ethics and dedication which based on and up from the hard aspects. It refers to the craftsman can rely on their own skills, continue to train their own technical skills, constantly absorbing new knowledge, no matter how small work, as long as the improvement of technology, improve product favorable, he will go, even in the production process encountered a variety of suffering and setbacks, can constantly self-motivation and insist at the end just for the best qualified product..

”Do as the clients need” has become our Vacorda’s business creed for over 20 years, be devoted to all the enthusiasm or every customer every one of our products. Professionalism has become our Vacorda’s the conviction which we have always insisted on for 20 years, whether it is production, research and development or transportation, we are committed to achieve 100% of the effort.

We are Sichuan Vacorda Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd., as a professional manufacturing factory, specialized in the measuring instruments industry, the embodiment of the spirit of craftsmen and professionalism, we are going to strive to become the industry benchmark, professional aircraft lights.

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