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Real act of after-sales service brings us the good reputation

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2016-12-12 15:07:23

Thoughtful and comprehensive services is always the advantage of Sichuan Vacorda Instruments Manufacturing Co., ltd. among the varies of manufacturers in the measurement instruments industry, and thus we get a lot of good reputation and the feedback from the clients.As a professional manufacturer specialized in level instuments, flow intruments, we are willing to provide more service and technology to all the clients who need the instruments.

after-sales service of vacorda instruments manufacture

(after-sales service in the working site)

This is the affirmation of our work to our customers, which is also a constant inspiration for us to reform and innovate instruments technology and provide more excellent service. Good service is not just a simple slogan, it needs our manufacturer to do some real acts to benefit all the clients. A few days ago, one of our sales managers went to do the return visit in one chemical research company, and before the reach the company, he made a full research about the basic failure and solutions of the site instruments,thus he can professionally and quickly solve the problem of the clients. In some chemical plants, the technical service work can only be carried out in the field, several times of communication, after we confirmed the situation and  determined the specific failure, and our after-sales staff immediately to the customer site for customers to debug instruments and replacement parts and so on. Finally the clients was very satisfied with our service and made highly appreciation to us.

team of vacorda instruments

(vacorda team)

After-sales service as an important part of the project or product delivery, making well preparation before after-sales service is necessary. Good brand and product reputation are not by the words say it, but by the heart of the service of each of the staff in Sichuan Vacorda Instruments. To meet the clients’ industry needs, our staff always went to places of bad working conditions, but their are no complaints from them, because they know they are represent Vacorda, they need to provide the best service to the clients, this is our attitude to the work, and this is the spirit of Sichuan Vacorda Instruments Manufacturing Co., ltd.

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