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Reasons for the inaccurate of the flap turning of the magnetic level gauge

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2016-09-15 16:31:47

Level measurement of magnetic level gauge is the two-color magnetic column to indicate liquid level drived by a magnetic float, can be used for the liquid level detectionof a variety of tower, tank, spherical vessels and boilers and other equipment. Magnetic flap level gauge can be high sealing, anti-leakage, and the level measurement can adapt to high pressure, high temperature, corrosive conditions, it is reliable and safe. It makes up for the glass plate (or glass tube) level gauge’s unclear of the instructions display, and the lack of easy to break, it won’t be influenced with the high and low temperature from the drastic changes.

The whole process of measurement without blind spots, display eye-catching, intuitive readings, and a large measuring range. After long-term use, if it has the medium sediment in the body of magnetic flap level gauge , it will affect the normal work of the float, and be sure to regularly clean. First turn off the gas-liquid valve before cleaning , remove the barrel of the remaining material. Assembly as it is after cleaning, do not overturn the float, the gasket should be replaced to prevent leakage of aging, tighten the screws.


The usage and installation of magnetic level gauge:


1.  Level gauge must be installed vertically, the maximum deviation of 3 °

2. The level gauge 200mm around the body can not have ferromagnetic material

3. If the level gauge more than 4 meters , the installation process must be added to the middle support

4. After installation, it should first adjustment with the magnetic steel along the surface slowly moving, so that all the red side of the flap toward the observer.

5. Before level gauge put into run, you should first open the upper valve, and then slowly open the lower valve, so that the media slowly into the cylinder, so that flap one by one flip tracking instructions. And adjust the zero level with the adjustment screw.

6. In use, due to sudden changes in liquid level or other causes of individual flap failure, can be used to adjust the magnet correction.

7. Before performing pressure test on the container, close the communication valve with the liquid level gauge.


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