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Reasons to choose gas turbine flowmeter

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2016-08-31 15:12:19

As one of the main methods of the flow measurement, gas turbine flowmeter has lots of advantages, here I will give you a comprehensive introduce.

High measurement accuracy, good reproducibility and stability, wide measuring range, good linearity, high pressure resistance and low pressure loss; high anti-interference ability, remote signal output; simple structure, easy installation and maintenance; failure does not affect the conveying of medium in pipeline. Good corrosion resistance.

Due to its numerous advantages, the flow meter is widely used in trade settlement of crude oil, natural gas, price fluid, it can also be applied in the products production process control, as the provider and controller of control system feedback signal.

gas turbine flowmeter application spot

(gas turbine flowmeter application spot)

Of course, the gas turbine flometer cannot be applied to every aspect, it also have it’s disadvantages below:

The turbine flowmeter cannot keep the long-term calibration characteristics, it needs regular calibration, and it has a high requirement of the cleanliness of medium (also can install a filter). The flow meter is greatly impacted by the flow velocity distribution (a flow regulator can be installed).

But, as the rapidly develop of modern technology, these drawbacks will be not exist, the turbine flowmeter will also be used by more and more people.

At last, you must according to your particular working conditions to select your industrial flow meter, suitable is the best, if you don’t know much about how to choose them, just contact us, a suitable professional solution is waiting for you.

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