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Select the flowmeters, select VACORDA instruments

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2016-11-14 14:29:58

Sichuan Vacorda Instruments Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Is an integrated enterprise specialized in developing, producing, selling types of magnetic level gauge, flowmeters, temperature and pressure instruments for more than 20 years.


In the latest returning visit of our clients for a chemical industry, This factory needs to use flow meter for measurement testing for their production of a chemical raw material, they had use types of brands of flowmeter before, but just no one can meet the requirements of customers, it always occur operation failure, and bring the customer a lot of trouble. After the customer's inquiry of many manufacturers, all of them recommend customers to choose high price of mass flowmeter. In a chance, the clients knew and contacted our company, after the instruction of the client, the medium they use to produce the chemical raw materials is the dangerous material of explosive and corrosive. Because its physical and chemical properties, it had more limitations of measuring instrument selection. In understanding the customer's situation, we recommend the client to choose the separated type HKLD flowmeter produced by VACORDA .

 seperate type electromagnetic flowmeter

(Separate type electromagnetic flowmeter)

HKLD intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter is our company using the most advanced technology research and development of full intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter, using high-speed central processing unit. Fast alculation speed, high precision measurement and reliable performance. Converter circuit using the international advanced technology, the input impedance can up to 1015W, common mode rejection ratio is better than 100db, for external interference and 60Hz / 50Hz interference suppression is better than 90db, can measure the fluid with lower conductivity. The sensor of electromagnetic flometer uses non-uniform magnetic field technology and special magnetic circuit structure, stable and reliable magnetic field, and also greatly reduces the volume and weight of the flowmeter.  


Ultimately, the client choose our recommended separated-type electromagnetic flowmeter. After several years of application, it has never been out of any problems, and confirmed that our product does have the features which we introduced to the clients.


During the communication with the manager, he said their company will purchase a number of pressure transmitter from our company. The praise from the clients is the best gift for us,  it the biggest driving force for us to produce more high quality instruments and provide more comprehensive services. 


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