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Six trends leading the enterprises run long

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2016-10-28 15:02:04

In the era of knowledge economy, the best use of the times, has become the number of outstanding domestic and foreign enterprises common survival. Therefore, we must accurately grasp the following six major trends in business development, to solve the basic problem that the lack of core competitiveness of Chinese enterprises.

The trend of innovative values.

The traditional business concept of passive reference will gradually be replaced by the innovation concept of modern enterprise initiative. under the macro background of market gradually opening and the increasingly fierce competition , if there is no lasting innovation conception as a solid foundation, the enterprises will not last for a long time, and can not find the right maketing position and get a reasonable value return.


The trend of creating a cultural atmosphere.


From the practice point of view, corporate culture does have a cohesive force, incentive force, binding force, guiding force, tie force, radiation force, and it plays a vital role in the healthy development of enterprises. Many outstanding enterprises often create a strong sense of responsibility and ownership by fostering a strong cultural atmosphere, and enterprise members who share the same fate, growth and development with the enterprise, and truly realize the unity of people and enterprises.


new factory for level gauge

(The new factory for design more professional measurement instruments)

The trend of the pursuit of win-win situation.


We must transform the traditional non-win-lose relationship into a modern reciprocal win-win and common development relationship, tap the win-win wisdom, cultivate a win-win culture, the implementation of win-win strategy to achieve win-win situation. Haier Group does not participate in the price war, and always rely on product innovation and service innovation to expand market share, improve the competitive strength. This successful experience is what we need to pursuit.


The trend of advocating full learning.


In the future, the most successful enterprises will be the "learning enterprise", learning more and more become the source of enterprise life.  like a consensus among many successful companies said,"Your only competitive advantage is learning faster than your competitor." so we must advocate the full learning, and vigorously enhance the overall quality of all personnel.


The trends of meeting customer demand.


Always meet the customer needs, and continuously improve service quality has become the main goals of many outstanding domestic and foreign enterprises. At present, China's market system is relatively primary, corporate customer service level is very low. In the long run, this is a fatal weakness of Chinese enterprises, we must overcome it early. Only establishment the competitive strategy of "customer-centric", enterprises can sustainable and rapid development.

 vacorda new plant

The trends of advocating team spirit.


A team with strong sense of collective consciousness and a common vision is bound to have a strong cohesion. Practice has fully proved that the promotion of teamwork is a feasible way that the enterprise improve the efficiency, and it is conducive to stimulate the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity. Team spirit is the priceless treasure of a enterprise, it burst out of the huge energy is always inexhaustible business development, the source of power.


Established in 1997, Vacorda instruments manufacturing co., ltd. is alway learn from the six trends, we are always devoted to provide you with more high quality measuring instruments and types of services. Any suggestions, feel free to contact us.

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