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Suitable for liquids detected by electromagnetic flowmeters

Author:    Source:    Date: 2021-05-26 13:50:27
Conductivity is an important observation node used by electromagnetic flowmeters. Since the electromagnetic flowmeter is based on the law of electromagnetic induction, the conductive liquid in the pipeline is the only liquid that can detect the flow rate. Whether the medium in the pipeline is conductive or not depends on the conductivity. So what does conductivity mean?

On the contrary, the passing value of the resistance current indicates the degree of difficulty. In order to determine the distance of 1 cm2, the electric cycle of 1 cm is the pole of the electric mode. Quite difficult to calculate, therefore. Why does water cause electricity to meet? It is a molecule, a non-conducting stable H2O itself. .

In addition to H, water also exists in 2O (water molecules), Ca2+ (calcium ions) and Mg2+ (magnesium ions). The terms hard water and soft water are determined by the number of ions found in a given amount of water. Because these ions transmit electricity in water, ion-rich water such as tap water and groundwater has conductive properties. In addition, since pure water only contains H2O and does not contain any impurities, it cannot conduct electricity. Quick technique, when you just want to confirm the conductivity, you can use a standard multimeter. Put the detector in the resistance measurement mode, and put the two probes into the liquid. If the needle of the tester moves to zero, it means that current is flowing. Conversely, if the needle does not move at all, there is no conductivity. It can be judged that it is impossible to detect with a sewage flow meter.
When the conductivity is lower than the direct threshold rate measurement error cannot be used. The S/cm threshold model is common between electromagnetic 4, and the S/cm threshold model depends on the flowmeter 1. The manufacturer's length guide of the signal in the specification corresponding to the specified rate of the wire used in the manual. Its rate of electricity 1-4s≤cm is greater than that of water solution.

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