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“Take-Off Action”provide Chinese instrument industry with a large platform

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2016-10-27 11:43:08

In recent days, the China Instrument Association with China Instrument Information Network jointly made domestic scientific instrumentation industry”take-off action”. The main purpose of this action is to enhance the professional technology of China's instrumentation industry. In the launching ceremony, the Secretary-General of the industry association made a comprehensive analysis of the current status of development and  the trend of future development for China's magnetic level gauge industry. Thus start series of ”take-off action”by the government agencies under the premise of policy-related treaty support.


At present, there are also many companies have no trust in our domestic instruments industry. leading to many domestic and foreign enterprises donnot choose our domestic products. Like magnetic flap level meter, and other related products. As a result, it is not only can not better promote the upgrading of products technology, but also more or less brings unnecessary development concerns to China's current major manufacturers of instruments, thus hindering the demand in the major scientific research projects for China's equipment Instrumentation industry.

 take off action

(The meaning of the Chinese character: China, you let the dream with wings!

So this “take-off action”is very important for us, it provide us a better platform for the development of China's instrumentation enterprises. And in the premise of independent innovation, government agencies with strong support become the most important power for all the instruments manufacturers. Thus creating a high-performance, high-quality and high-tech products atmosphere, and ultimately gain recognition of all the domestic and foreign users.


Finally, In the future development trend of the industry, the relevant responsible person is so expressed: China's scientific instruments in order to gain a firm footing in the international market, we need to integrate resources and carry out production operations by industrial integration model. , it will be better led the development of China's magnetic flap level meter trends as the the joint between the major instruments enterprises. In the development, we need find out the highlight of our own instrument products, continue to enhance product performance at the same time, make a comprehensive integration of the shortcomings of our product and service, and ultimately produce a promising and recognized domestic scientific instruments product. And this is the most fundamental trends of the future of electronic instrumentation industry.

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