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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Several Common Level Gauges Are Summarized

Author:Vacorda    Source:www.vacorda.com    Date: 2020-08-24 11:06:05

Glass tube level gauge

 glass tube level gauge

Working principle: Ordinary connector type level gauge.


Feature: Simple structure, low price, intuitive, suitable for on-site use, but easy to be damaged, the inner surface is easy to contaminate dirt, making reading difficult, inconvenient for remote transmission and adjustment.


Improvement suggestion:If the level gauge is used outdoors, a heat tracing tube can be added. If the display is required, the two-color form can be selected. If the medium is acid, alkali and corrosive, the glass tube can be replaced with F46 tube, and the valves at both ends can be replaced with PP or F4.


Magnetic column level gauge

 magnetic level gauge

Working principle: It consists of two parts: a magnetic indicator and a float. The magnetic indicator is composed of a red and white magnetic flipping column or a magnetic flipping card and a guard plate equipped with a small magnetic steel. When the floating ball equipped with magnetic steel moves up and down with the liquid, the beam magnetic field of the permanent magnet in the floating ball turns the magnetic turning column 180°. When the liquid level rises, the turning column turns from white to red. It turns from red to white to indicate the height of the liquid level. (The color of the flop and the flop can be different, such as blue and red or black and white, etc.). When it is necessary to transmit output, install a reed switch or magnetic sensor transmitter parallel to the magnetic indicator to realize the remote transmission of 4-20mA or 0-10mA current signal; equipped with a liquid level alarm switch, and The upper and lower limits of the liquid level can be alarmed.


Feature: In addition to on-site instructions, it can also be equipped with remote transmitters, alarm switches, and control switches with complete detection functions. The indication is novel, the reading is intuitive and eye-catching. The indicating mechanism is completely isolated from the measured medium, so it has good sealing, high reliability and safe use. The structure is simple, the installation is convenient, and the maintenance cost is low. Corrosion resistance, no power supply, explosion-proof. According to the different installation positions in the container, there are two types of side mounting and top mounting.


Floating ball type magnetic level gauge

 floating ball type magnetic level gauge

Principle: Put a hollow float in the liquid. When the liquid level changes, the float will produce the same displacement as the liquid level change. The magnetic sensor in the middle of the float can be measured by mechanical or electrical methods. The displacement.


Features: The accuracy is ±(12)%, and the output terminal has switch control and continuous output. It has simple structure and low price, and is generally not suitable for high viscosity liquids. The float level gauge is suitable for measuring the level of various media in industrial and civil buildings, such as water towers, pools, water tanks, sumps and industrial tanks. It is widely used in liquid level, chemical industry, gold, electricity, papermaking, food And industrial sewage treatment departments.


Improved method: High-viscosity liquids can be measured with a large floating ball mounted on the top and a large electric floating ball mounted on the side.


Ultrasonic level gauge

 ultrasonic level sensor

Principle: Use the different properties of ultrasonic attenuation, penetration ability and acoustic impedance in gas and liquid to measure the interface of two media.


Features: The accuracy is ±0.5%. This type of instrument has high precision, fast response, no mechanical moving parts, high reliability, simple and convenient installation, is a non-contact measurement, and is not affected by liquid viscosity, density, etc., but it is costly and difficult to maintain. The meter adopts DC or AC power supply, with 420mADC, high and low switch output.


Disadvantages: normal pressure use, the temperature is below 100 degrees, because most of the transducers use lower temperature. In addition, dust and steam media will affect the measurement.


Radar level gauge

 radar level sensor

Principle: Very short microwave pulses with very low energy emitted by the radar level gauge are transmitted and received by the antenna system. The radar wave runs at the speed of light. The running time can be converted into a level signal by electronic components. A special time extension method can be used. Ensure stable and accurate measurement of the level in a very short time. Even if there are false echoes under complicated working conditions, the micro-processing technology and debugging software of the instrument can also accurately analyze the level echoes. It is suitable for non-contact continuous measurement of the level of liquids, slurries and granular materials. It is suitable for occasions with large temperature and pressure changes and inert gas volatilization.


Features: High precision, high reliability, easy to use, but the price is slightly higher than that of the ultrasonic level gauge. The meter adopts the microwave pulse measurement method and can work normally in the industrial frequency band. The beam energy is low. It can be installed in various metal and non-metal containers or pipelines, and it has no harm to the human body and the environment.


Disadvantages: high price, affected by the dielectric constant of the medium. Dust and steam also affect the measurement. Great influence on radio frequency interference.


Main application of these 5 level gauges




Glass tube level gauge

Usually used in less important indoor areas or as a backup for other level gauges. For example, this kind of level gauge can be installed on the safety water tank to facilitate inspection by inspection personnel, and also as a safety water tank Spare for upper magnetic flap level gauge;

Magnetic column level gauge

Suitable for indoor water tanks or pools that require both manual observation and signal output. For example, the safety water tank on the platform in the main workshop of the process is equipped with this kind of level gauge, and the safe water tank platform environment is more Poor, manual observation is more difficult, so this level gauge is used;

Magnetic loat ball level gauge

Used to interlock with the submersible pump in the project, control the operation and stop of the submersible pump in the common collection well, and can output the level signal of the collection well;

Ultrasonic level gauge

Suitable for various water treatment structures, such as cold water pools, hot water pools, sludge tanks, sludge thickening tanks, pure water or softened water replenishment tanks, etc.;

Radar level gauge

Used in more important occasions, such as pools or water tanks in the main process workshop. If a large amount of water overflows from the pool or water tank, it will cause serious consequences.

level gauge

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