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The Characteristics, Technical Parameters And Installation Methods Of v Cone Flowmeter

Author:vacorda    Source:www.vacorda.com    Date: 2020-06-06 09:25:46

The V-cone flowmeter is a new type of differential pressure measuring device with a pointed cone installed coaxially in the measuring tube as a throttle. It is a new type of throttling device based on the measuring principle of Venturi tube and integrating the advantages of classic Venturi tube, annular orifice plate and wear-resistant orifice plate. It is a non-standard throttling device, so it needs to be calibrated before leaving the factory.

V-cone flowmeter

Features of V cone flowmeter:

1. The design of the vertebral body has a rectifying effect. The requirements for installing the straight pipe section are low

2. Wide range ratio

3. The V-cone sensor is wear-resistant and has good long-term stability.

4. Good signal stability

5. Small permanent pressure loss

6. V cone β coefficient calculation range is wide

7. The V-cone sensor is not clogged, non-adherent, and does not have any dead zone. It is especially suitable for the flow measurement of dirty media

8. Can measure high temperature and high pressure medium

9. Complete specifications and flexible installation methods

The main technical parameters of V-type cone flowmeter:

Accuracy grade:

±0.5% F. S

Long-term stability:

±0.1%F. S/Y



Minimum flow rate:


Range ratio: u

sually 15:1, up to 50:1

Reynolds number use range:


Working pressure:

32MPa, up to 42MPa

Working temperature:


Pipe size:


Ambient temperature:


Relative humidity: 5


Output signal:


Supply voltage:


Differential pressure and pressure transmitter output current: 4mA20mA

Artificial intelligence flow calculation display power supply voltage: 220VAC

Output current of artificial intelligence flow calculation display: 4mA20mA

Intelligent differential pressure and pressure transmitter communication mode: HART&BRAIN

Communication method of artificial intelligence flow calculation display: RS232&RS485


Applicable medium:

V cone flowmeter sensor is widely used in the flow measurement of fluids in municipal, electric power, chemical, petrochemical, "gold, food processing, and other industries, and is almost suitable for all gas and liquid media.


Installation method

(1) Pipe flange type: Refers to the mounting flanges at both ends of the flowmeter. It is connected to a mounting flange (also called a user flange) with the same specifications at both ends of the process pipeline. It is a more commonly used structural form, and the applicable caliber (DN50mm ~ 3000mm). This form is suitable for the separate installation of the throttle device and the differential pressure transmitter. It is generally used for measuring the steam flow, and can also be used when measuring other high-temperature media.

(2) Flange clamping type: It is used for the installation of small-meter flowmeters. Only two flanges are needed for each flowmeter jade process pipeline. The flange is welded to the process pipe, and the flowmeter is clamped between the two flanges. The installation method is the same as the installation method of vortex flowmeter (300mm).

(3) Small-diameter integrated type: suitable for fluids with caliber DN40mm and medium temperature 120. This structure combines the differential pressure transmitter directly with the tower flow meter to form a whole. There is no pressure guiding tube, pressure valve and three valve group between the two. Make the installation very simple (same as the installation method of vortex flowmeter). When the differential pressure transmitter adjusts the zero point, it is necessary to close the valve of the process pipe to adjust the zero.

Note: This installation method can not be used in the occasion of measuring high temperature medium, because the high temperature medium will enter the measurement chamber of the differential pressure transmitter and damage the measurement diaphragm of the transmitter.

(4) Pipeline butt welding type: It means that the tower flowmeter and the process pipeline cannot be connected (the flowmeter body cannot be blue), and the flowmeter and the process pipeline are directly welded together during installation. The structure cost is relatively low (reducing the cost of 4 flanges) and belongs to one-time installation. Generally used for larger caliber applications.

(5) Conventional fluid integration type: refers to the fluid with medium temperature 120, applicable pipe diameter: DN50DN3000. According to different fluids and user requirements, the manufacturer welds (or assembles) the valve and the three-valve group on the flowmeter for the user when leaving the factory. During the on-site installation, the user can assemble the flowmeter and the transmitter together.

(6) Steam integration: refers to the assembly of the transmitter and the tower flowmeter when measuring the steam flow rate, and the "steam special three valve group" parts of our company should be assembled between the transmitter and the flowmeter, thus canceling The pressure guiding tube is greatly simplified and the pressure taking structure is greatly simplified.

(7) Liquid antifreeze type: It means that our tower "liquid special isolation tank" is installed between the tower flowmeter and the transmitter. The tank is filled with a special medium, which can not be frozen at a lower temperature. This type of installation is used when measuring liquids, especially in the low outdoor environment in northern winter. Often the liquid in the measuring chamber of the transmitter is easy to freeze and damage the transmitter.

(8) Square pipe flange type: It means that the process pipe is a square pipe, and the flowmeter measuring pipe is a round pipe. The two are connected by a special "square-circle" connector.

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