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The features of liquid turbine flow meter

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2016-09-14 15:35:53

Liquid turbine flow meter adopt foreign advanced technology manufacturing, is one of the ideal flow meterof fluid measurement. It has the features of simple structure, high precision, long service life, simple operation, easy maintenance and so on. And this type of  liquid turbine flow meter used in High-precision measurement of water, water, diesel, gasoline, lower viscosity crude oil and other liquid volume of the flow measurement in metallurgy, chemicals, petroleum, urban construction, environmental protection, food and other industry fields.


The main parameter feature of turbine flowmeter

Nominal Diameter:

 Pipeline: DN4-DN200


 Insert: DN100-DN2000


 Pipeline: ± 0.5, ± 1.0


 Insert: ± 1.5, ± 2.5

Ambient Temperature:

 -20  ~50

Medium Temperature:

 -20 ~120

Atmospheric Pressure:


Nominal Pressure:

 1.6Mpa, 2.5Mpa, 6.4Mpa, 25Mpa

Explosion-proof Grade:


Liquid turbine flowmeter sensor, the role of the fluid, the impeller force rotation, the speed is proportional to the average flow velocity in the pipe line. At the same time, the blade periodically cut the magnetic field lines generated by the electromagnet, changing the magnetic flux of the coil. According to the principle of electromagnetic induction, it will sense the pulse of the potential signal in the coil, that is the electrical pulse signal, and it’s frequency is proportional to the flow of the measured fluid.


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