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The maintenance of the mass flow meter

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2018-09-06 15:33:28

As long as attention is paid to the details during the installation process, the mass flow meter is almost maintenance-free after commissioning, and the probability of failure is small. As long as the medium is not in the two-phase flow state during the flow, it can operate stably.

Make some simple settings when the first use of the mass flow meter, such as the form of the output signal, various coefficients of the flowmeter, the density, the upper and lower temperature limits of the medium .etc., are basically used before being put into use. Once you've set it up, you don't have to change it again.

View the mass flow meter through the panel, in the daily use inspection process, you can check the values detected by the mass flow meter through the panel.

View the mass flow meter through the panel

Calibration of the mass flow meter zero and clear

The largest maintenance workload in daily use is the calibration zero and the cumulation zero.

Affected by the temperature during installation, the electronic components and detection sensors of the medium mass flow meter will have a little temperature drift and the thermal expansion of the process piping mounting flange will cause some asymmetric stress, so if the mass flowmeter is suspected The zero point is not accurate and you can make the zero calibration.

Calibrate the flowmeter, the front and rear hand valves are closed, generally to ensure that the medium is full of mass flowmeters, first turn off the flowmeter rear hand valve, and then close the front hand valve. When using, open the front valve first, then open the rear valve.

Internal structure of the mass flowmeter

The mass flow meter uses the power supply of 220V AC, it is not an intrinsic safety meter. It is explosion-proof and explosion-proof. The cover is heavy and thick, and a safety ground wire is required in the outer case to achieve a safe grounding function.

internal structure of mass flow meter

After unscrewing the front cover, you can see the layout structure inside the flowmeter. It is a layered installation of the multilayer circuit board. The bottom layer is provided with a fuse for the power board. If the medium mass flow meter has power but no display, you can check if the fuse is burnt.


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