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The selection and installation tips for metal tube float flow meter

Author:    Source:    Date: 2018-05-17 17:20:17

Metal tube float flow meter is a type of variable area flowmeter. In a vertical conical tube that expands from bottom to top, the gravity of a float with a circular cross section is absorbed by the liquid, and the float can rise freely in the cone. And drop. Under the action of flow velocity and buoyancy, it moves up and down. After balancing with the weight of the float, it is transmitted to the dial through the magnetic coupling to indicate the flow. Generally divided into glass and metal rotor flowmeter. The metal rotor flowmeter is the most commonly used in the industry. For small diameter corrosive media, glass is usually used. Due to the inherent fragility of the glass material, the key control point also uses a rotameter made of precious metals such as full titanium. . Mainly used in petroleum, chemical, power generation, pharmaceutical, food, water treatment and other complex, harsh environmental conditions, and various media conditions in the flow measurement process.


Selection tips

1. For the selection of remote transmission type metal rotor flowmeter, it is necessary to select the flowmeter suitable for the type of explosion-proof required in the place of use; the installation should also pay attention to the fastening of the case and the sealing of the wiring port after the power is supplied to the instrument, which has reached the explosion-proof, protection, and prevention Erosion requirements.

2. For places where the temperature of the measured medium is too high (>220°C) or too low, it is usually necessary to take insulation or heat insulation measures on the sensor part of the flow meter to ensure that the signal converter ------ indicator works properly. The ambient temperature should be selected high temperature indicator.

3. For some need to take insulation or cooling of the measured media, choose jacket type flowmeter.

4. For the pressure of the flowmeter inlet media instability, especially for gas measurement, in order to ensure accuracy and service life, damping structure should be selected.

5. For the medium requires a higher-pressure level, more than the standard pressure level, select the high-pressure type structure in the selection, high pressure type using HG20595-97 RF with neck butt welding steel pipe flange.

 6. Metal rotor flowmeter measurement accuracy is generally 2.5, when the required measurement accuracy is higher, the metal rotor flowmeter should not be selected.

Installation tips

1. Before installation, the ejector rods, fillers, rubber bands, etc. used for the protection of the flowmeter should be taken out, so that the float can be changed to a certain position and the state of operation of the converter can be checked. If it is considered abnormal, it should be adjusted.

2. The flowmeter should be installed vertically on the non-vibrating pipeline. The inclination of the measuring tube should be less than 5°, and bypass should be installed to facilitate maintenance and cleaning without affecting production.

3. When the flow meter is installed, the level meter should be strictly calibrated, and the assembly should not be stressed. The flow direction of the vertical installation type rotor flowmeter is from bottom to top, and the flow direction of the horizontal installation type rotor flowmeter should be consistent with the marking direction. For ease of use and dismantling, valve assemblies are generally required.

4. The remote transmission metal flowmeter's remote transmission part is magnetically coupled to the rotor. If the medium contains small particles that are easily adsorbed by magnetic substances, the rotor is easily worn out and jammed, resulting in inaccurate or unmeasurable measurements. The solution is to install a magnetic filter in front of it.

5. In the upstream of the flowmeter should install the valve, in the downstream 5 to 10 times the instrument diameter installed flow control valve.

6. The instrument does not have a strict upstream straight pipe length requirements.

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